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Warning: This word is a Theme Zoom Neologism

An algoholic is someone who watches search engine algorithms closely for the purpose of making appropriate changes to websites with the intent of getting higher results. If you check Google data centers regularly you’re probably an algo-holic.

Technical Addiction to Search Engine Algorithms

When I first started my career as a search engine auditor, it became clear that a lot of time was wasted because of my algoholism.
(Algorithm-oholic . . . Like alcoholism, except for geeks.)

You know you are an Algo-holic when:

- You know you are an “algo-holic” when you spend 90% of your time trying to crack search engine algorithms looking for some sort of “silver bullet for ranking.”

- You know you are an “algo-holic” when you spend more than 2% of your time hunting for the secret Google “code” that will guarantee you high rankings.

- You know you are an “algo-holic” when you talk more about search engine ranking than marketing your business.

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