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Where Can I Purchase the Automatic Video Traffic Course?

Currently this course is offered at

Where May I Access This Course Inside the Network Empire Member's Area?

If you are logged into the Network Empire Members Area, you will find it here:

Automatic Video PinVid Blog Automation (aka Video Meme-Addiction)

Who Is Qualified for Certification Level III Automatic Video Traffic Training Course?

You may purchase the automatic video training course without having completed any previous certification levels.

But, please be advised that this course teaches you how to join the 1 Billion Page Club

In other words, this course is not for the meek at heart. If you are an absolute online beginner, we recommend that you utilize the "Infiniately Scalable" hosting services that we have prepared for you with Kevin Polley. In this way, you will be able to take this course without becoming distracted by ongoing Server-side technical requirements reserved for those with a background in IT.

By utilizing our preprepared hosting service, you'll avoid the technical dedicated server set up requirements that have prevented less experienced online entrepreneurs from generating millions of visitors per month from their pinvid websites.

What 3rd Party Dedicated Hosting Services for Pinvid Automation are Recommended by the Network Empire Team?

Currently, the only recommended dedicated hosting services are The Hosting Shop and In the video below I reveal to you the minimum dedicated server requirement that will allow you to properly configure your server for large-scale pinvid automation.

The Hosting Shop is owned and managed by Network Empire Channel Partner, Kevin Polley and is our recommended hosting provider.

Please be warned advanced that we do not provide support for OVH server configuration, miss configurations, server errors, set up errors, faulty hardware, hosting errors, WordPress errors, incorrect WordPress installations, plug-in conflicts and/or any other errors you may encounter while working with a third party dedicated hosting company.

In other words, by selecting a third party dedicated hosting company, even a high quality company like OVH, you do so at your own risk. Network Empire and the automatic pinvid instructors cannot be held liable for any technical, legal, or mechanical issues that may arise when utilizing third party hosting companies. My personal recommendations are only opinions, and hopefully the reasons for this disclaimer or obvious to you. That being said, OVH is an outstanding hosting company with high quality service, technical support, and fast hardware troubleshooting and turnaround.

Inside the automatic pinvid training curriculum, I will provide you with complete server configuration and setup instructions can be used if you wish to activate it dedicated server. Again, if you're just dabbling, I recommend that you utilize our private "infinitely scaling" hosting service.

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