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A business architecture is a part of an enterprise architecture related to corporate business, and the documents and diagrams that describe the architectural structure of that business. People who build business architecture are known as business architects.

At the Live NE Certification Event, Business Architecture is approached by hands on training and one-on-one discussions about personal business structures.The main focus is MOFL (marketing, operations, financial and legal departments) of your online endeavor. All of these departments are a part of a student's overall business architecture and are addressed one-on-one during a breakout session.

We have found that SEO Website Silo Architecture and Website Persuasion Architecture are both greatly enhanced by properly developing and understanding your Business Architecture. Such insight, combined with the Future-Proof Empire training at the live event, give many online entrepreneurs the "light-bulb" moment they need to finally succeed online. See Live Certification Testimonials.

Also See Russell Wright aka Technology Shaman

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