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Theme Zoom co-inventor Russell Wright has taken a special interest in this particular area of the brain because of the potential link between buy-decisions and love-emotions that seem to be activated in this brain center of the basal ganglia.

Perhaps of greater importance from the perspective of online visitor behavior is the fact that memory development (brand recognition) is highly emotional. The more emotional, the longer lasting the memory. (Exceptions to this are photographic memories etc).

The caudate nuclei are located near the center of the brain, sitting astride the thalamus.

There is a caudate nucleus within each hemisphere of the brain. Individually, they resemble a C-shape structure with a wider "head" (caput in Latin) at the front, tapering to a "body" (corpus) and a "tail" (cauda). Sometimes a part of the caudate nucleus is referred to as the "knee". The caudate nucleus is highly innervated by dopamine neurons. These neurons originate mainly from the ventral tegmental area (VTA) and the substantia nigra pars compacta (SNc). There are also additional inputs from various association cortices. Please also study dopamine and see other articles on the Caudate Nucleus.

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