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What Is The Co-Occurrence Matrix?

Co-occurrence (and the co-occurrence matrix) refers to the frequency of two terms occurring in the same document when sampled from a large and structured set of texts.  In other words, co-occurence answers the question 'how often do two words appeare together in a document'.


Co-occurrence can be taken a step further to determine the proximity of the keywords in the document, to assertain the meaninfulness of the co-occurence.

A significant percentage of co-occurrence assumes interdependency of the two terms.

Google has patents which uses such methodologies to retrieve, index, organize and describe documents:

An information retrieval system uses phrases to index, retrieve, organize and describe documents. Phrases are identified that predict the presence of other phrases in documents. Documents are the indexed according to their included phrases. Related phrases and phrase extensions are also identified. Phrases in a query are identified and used to retrieve and rank documents. Phrases are also used to cluster documents in the search results, create document descriptions, and eliminate duplicate documents from the search results, and from the index.

At Theme Zoom, co-occurrence is one of the foundational concepts behind themes and thematically oriented or silo structured websites.

Using Themes, and by extension co-occurrence, you will facilitate the search engines ability to understand the relationship between the pages on your website and this will allow you to rank easier with fewer inbound links.

How Do I Use Krakken to Find the Best Co-Occurrence Keywords?

Krakken provides co-occurrence keyword on the Theme Market Analysis Screen:


How Do I Use 'The Last Keyword' Tool to Find the Best Co-Occurrence Keywords?

To best way understand the relationship between TLKT's LARI algorithm and Co-Occurrence is to read LARI and Market Share.

The Co-Occurrence Matrix Was First Discussed by Theme Zoom in 2006

Where Do I Buy Krakken VOMA (Vertical Market Research Tool)?

You can buy Krakken on the Network Empire Krakken Page

Where Do I Buy TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool)?

You may purchase TLKT as a Network Empire Pro Member, or you may purchase it independently.

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