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This Competitive Ranking Index (CRI) chart only shows keywords that are not excluded from the budget.

It's calculated based on the competitive data that you enter and is a scale from 1 to 1000.

Roughly the bottom third, or anything under 350 is pretty easy; moderate is from 350 to 650 and over 650 is getting pretty competitive.

What this scale really shows you is how technically inclined your market is. If it's a low number, under 350 then you know that there are not too many SEO savvy webmasters there OR that it's a very small niche with very few competing pages.

If it's over 750 then this market is popular and has a lot of webmasters who have employed some SEO techniques - and if it's above 900... it's probably going to be a hard market to break into.

This information is particularly interesting when placed beside the Page Rank of the top 3 sites - if your top sites have a PR of 6 or higher and the CRI is over 900, just know that ranking for that term is going to be a long hard road to ranking.

If the PR is high and the CRI is low, then it may be the guys in the top position are there just out of the authority of their site, and possibly not because they are actually targeting that term. It MIGHT be an easy thing to bump them off that spot.


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