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Definition for content curation:

A relatively disputed term in the content marketing arena, curation is essentially the organizing and sharing (some might even say "repackaging") of content in ways that are meaningful to a specific target audience.

The Curata team has defined content curation as:

The human act of continuously organizing and sorting all available information on a topic into a editorialized narrative that helps make your audience aware of the Big Picture.

Russell Wright of Theme Zoom believes this definiition to be the most concise among the dozens of industry controversies around the "curation" topic.

In the following videos, Russell Wright explains the basics behind contenct curation and reveals how to combine this practice with SEO and social media best practices to own your market or niche in very short order. We have placed the publically available videos on this page and excluded the Network Empire premium content, as it is located behind a firewall for members only.

Also See Network Empire Content Curation Course 

Do not confuse Content Curation for RSS Feed Curation. Services like the below represent content curation in that they require the end user to "curate" one article at a time in order to build a 'quality' magazine around a topic or theme.

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