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Basic Introduction to NE WordPress SEO Silo Empire Builder:

What is DWS NE Silo Builder?

For more information please visit the DWS NE Silo Builder Comparison Chart and Video Tutorial

Where Can I Buy DWS NE Silo Builder?

You may purchase the DWS NE Silo Builder SAAS software as a service at Network Empire inlcuding the $19.00 light version. 

You may also get the combined software and membership area at the Network Empire Homepage.

How Can I Compare The Prices and Features of Different DWS NE Silo Builder Software Packages and Offerings?

Please see the DWS NE Silo Builder comparison chart.

Module 1: IS-DNA (Industry Solution FAQ/SAQ Process)

(coming soon) 

Module 2: Silo FrameWork / The Keyword Decision Screen

I Set My Business Rules But I Get No Results on the Keyword Decision Screen. What Am I Doing Wrong?


After importing keywords into DWS NE Silo Builder from Krakken VOMA and adding my business rules. I don't have any keywords showing.
My theme is ******* for men.
I have made my business rules
Silo and category: 400000
Supporting articles 133333
I have not added any TLKT keywords. should I do this as well?
Have I done something wrong with the business rules???


It just might be a really stiff market. Or maybe your ROI expectations are too high. Regardless I'm sure the keywords are not showing because they don't meet your business rules. You can remove this filter by unchecking this box and hitting submit.
Here is a diagram:



Direct Sales / Indirect Sales DSRPM / ISRPM

How Do I Change the Order of My Silos, Categories and Supporting Articles in My Blueprint?

Please go to this help document for complete instructions on how to accomplish this.

Please Explain the "Search Volume Column and the "Total Search Traffic and Phrase Match" Concepts

Expanded Question:

In DWS NE Silo Builder, under the search volume column, there's a note that says "total search traffic and phrase match". If you imported your keyword make sure they are in "phrase match" - what does that mean exactly? For instance, say we had an csv file that someone drilled for us from the krakken and we imported that as is, or we used files from SEM rush - following the import instructions exactly. Would that affect DWS data for search volume?


If you import data from Krakken or TLKT you do not need to make any changes and you can use the data as is. We added these instructions for people who may want to import their own spreadsheets from locations other than Theme Zoom software. The DWS NE Silo Builder search volume pulls it's figures from the data that you import.

How Many Supporting Articles Do I Need To Support A Keyword When I Select It As A Silo?

The way the supporting articles works is that, for optimal ranking performance, you need the specified number of pages on site that have the keyword on the page.

By the nature of the menus in the silo plugins, the keyword will appear on every page within the silo, and in addition to all of these pages being thematically related, the requirement for the supporting pages is fulfilled.

For example, if your silo keyword says you need 10 pages, then a total of 10 pages in the silo is the initial default number of pages for the silo because the highest requirement is typically the silo landing page. Occasionally you'll have a more competitive term further down in the silo and you'll need to inflate the number of pages in your silo to match this larger number, preferably with some of those pages supporting this specific term.

How Accurate is the DWS SSA (Suggested Supporting Articles) and (SBL) Suggested Backlinks and How Is This Formulated?

DWS uses a proprietary algorithm that looks at 17 – 20 factors.
It determines how big the theme should be = SSA (suggested supporting articles)
The SBL (suggested back links) give you an indication of the amount of promotions you should consider. Remember backlinks are byproducts of your promotions.
The time to rank is an indicator that takes into account how competitive the theme is. It is gives an estimated conservative figure to assist you in managing expectations but more importantly assisting you in determining how your budget is spent to get ranked. The culmination of this data model give you a clear dataset that helps you focus on where the money flows through the market.

In DWS NE Silo Builder, Is The Search Volume Shown Daily or Monthly?

Answer: Daily

When The Silo Blueprint Is Exported - What Is The Formula Use To Determine Traffic Forecast?

Answer: The formula is derived from the settings you input in the 'Business rules and filters . Project Conversion Rules' tab under 'silo framework.

Module 3: Team Manager (Pro Version Only)

(coming soon)

Module 4: Site Content (Pro Version Only)

When I Edit an Article in DWS and add a Description to the "Article Synopsis Area" Does this Create the Meta Data that Gets Used in the Description that Shows Up on the Search Engine Results Page?

There are two places in DWS NE Silo Builder - one for the meta description and one for the article synopses.

The meta description goes into the meta data in the "head" of the page and will likely get shown in the SERP (search engine results pages).

The synopses is used by the Vsilo and/or the fee SEO Silo plugin.

If you import into the Vsilo plugin or free SEO Silo Plugin the location of the Article Synopsis would appear like this on your blog:


Module 5: Website Blueprint Creation

(coming soon) 

Module 6: Promotional Blueprint (Pro Version Only)

(coming soon)

Importing CSV Into DWS NE Silo Builder

Video: How To Import Keywords Into DWS NE Silo Builder (Kevin)

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