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What Is Domain Authority Curation?

Domain Authority Curation is a neologism created by Russell Wright, Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell of Network, that describes the process of curating other people's content and/or your own premium content for the purposes of building your own WR1 Network Layer Domain Authority. One of the critical errors made by traditional content curators is the scooping and curating of third-party content without considering the technical SEO frame in the domain authority flow of pre-existing content contained on 3rd party domains. Domain Authority Curation, as taught in Network Empire Level 2 Certification training, takes into account the long-term Domain Authority Stacking process during the curation of third-party content.

Email regarding Domain Authority Curation

Domain Authority Curation?

Hello everyone,

Last week was mind-blowingly powerful for students taking any of our SEO and traffic generation online courses!

In Wednesday's Level 2 Certification Webinar Bootcamp (Kickstarting Massive Traffic and Conversion), students were given the full tour of our Upgraded "Five Iframe Punch Content Curation and Domain Authority Stacking" method. Jimmy Kelley and I created this as an upgrade to my older "5 Iframe Punch Curation" method. We jokingly called this new upgraded method Curation Assassination. LOL

The main difference between the "5 Iframe Punch Premium Content Curation" method and "Curation Assassination" is the integration of DA and "Domain Authority Stacking" methods instead of an emphasis on Google Page Rank.

Here are a few of the things that Jimmy Kelley, Sue Bell, and I covered in Week 2 of Certification Level 2 "Swallow Your Market Whole" online business webinar bootcamp:

1. Why do so many content curators destroy their own domain authority instead of "Curating Domain Authority"? Find out what to avoid and what to do about it if you have already harmed your WR1 Domain Authority during this process!

2. The truth about Iframes and domain authority! Why is it that so many people do not understand iframes and even believe that Google does not follow them? Become lethal with the truth!

3. The hidden truth about image file and video file "SE0 tagging". You have probably not seen image and video file optimization like this anywhere before. This method includes the use of LSI keywords and statistically improbable phrases stacked correctly within the global Curation Broadcasting method taught to our Level 2 Certification students.

4. The proper way to handle YouTube and soundcloud descriptions when considering both Domain Authority and your "Personal Brand Broadcasting Network or PBBN".

5. Still tagging your blog posts? Find out "when and why" you should stop using keyword tagging your blog posts.

6. What is the difference between Content Curation and Premium Content Curation?

7. Find out why you should "Only curate and tweet yourself" on your WR1 network layer! (You are doing yourself and others a favor when following this rule)

8. Find out how you can use the amazing hidden skills that you learned in the Certification Level supplementary course when considering content Curation and iframe stacking.

9. Find out how many Iframes can be stacked before a robot dies? LOL

10. Find out how you should you properly use to massively increase both the domain authority and traffic to your WR1 website. The pros and cons.

11. Find out how should you leverage tweets, pins, and other status update backlinks for your WR1 network broadcasting layer?

12. Putting it all together: Find out how does the entire Curation Assassination process connect to the total network Empire certification process. In other words, how does this process integrate with the socially active, semantically integrated, one web ring, perpetual downstream traffic and domain authority stacking system?

To find out more about the Network Empire Level 2 Certification Course please visit:

To find out about related software connected to this course please visit

Note: the much-anticipated PKMM or "perpetual keyword money machine" software and WordPress plug-in is currently in development. We will keep you updated as to its progress and implementation within the Level 2 Certification course.

Remember, don’t “curate” just for the sake of curation. Curate domain authority, and draw all of this Trustflow towards your money site like a Massive Industry “Black Hole”. ; - )

The Network Empire Team

Sue Bell, Matt Da Cruz, Jimmy Kelley, Kevin Polley and Russell Wright

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