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Important Terms and Definitions for Students of the DAS (Domain Authority Stacking) Course:

These terms and definitions will be important for students of the Domain Authority Stacking SEO Ranking System

DAS (Domain Authority Stacking)

Domain Authority Stacking is a collaborative concept created by military-scale SEO expert Jimmy Kelley, Theme Zoom Co-Inventors Sue Bell and Russell Wright.

Domain Authority Stacking is a safe and sustainable way of using backlinks of varying domain authority- in order to rank a primary money site without penalization of any kind. In a domain authority stacking strategy, high authority 3rd party platforms are used to assist ranking and as a buffer to protect your money site against backlink spam. A full understanding of Domain Authority Stacking will allow you to safely and effectively use potentially harmful backlink automation systems such as Magic Submitter, GSA, Link Emperor, SE Nuke, and pretty much any other backlink system you could buy or build.

DAS Cluster

A concept map showing the overall flow of link juice through all the properties in your DAS (Domain Authority Stacking) design.

DAS Stack

A concept map revealing the overall flow of tiered link juice going to the individual high DA (Domain Authority) property or website within your DAS cluster.

Link Juice

The combination of both power (PA or Page Authority) and trust (DA - Domain Authority) of the hyperlink.

Trust Rank

Please see Trust Rank (Look at the DA of a site to increase trustflow). See the complete Trustflow Wiki Entry.

Seed Set

Represents the highest level of trusted sites as we can measure that Google trusts implicitly, for example national geographic, wikipedia,, BBC etc. This idea originated with the birth of TrustRank. These types of sites are well known and usually very authoritative in their specific niches. A link from these types of sites are considered to be the seed set, as in where the trust originates from.

PA (Page Authority)

See full definition of page authority and page authority boosting.

DA (Domain Authority)

See full definition of Domain Authority

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