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What Is Domain Quality

Domain quality, indicated by 'low', 'medium', and 'high' is an indicator of the quality of the inbound links to a site.

The degree of trust is averaged across the total inbound links to a site, to gauge the overall quality of their inbound links. Trust and Citation Flow from Majestic SEO are used to calculate this.

A domain quality of "low" is regarded as a site that at best would need to have inbound links disavowed, and at worst, the site should be abandoned. These sites will typically only rank for long tail and low competition terms, if they rank for anything at all.

A domain quality of "medium" will typically have a mix of low trust links and high trust links with the majority of the link in the medium to medium-low range. These sites will typically rank well for low to medium competitive keywords, depending on the domain authority and amount of relevant onsite content.

A domain quality of "high" has a good inbound link profile and should rank well for targeted keywords. How successfully it will rank for competitive terms will depend on the domain authority and amount of relevant on-site content.

Domain Quality is available in Keywords Pro and Agency levels and in Krakken 2.0

Note that neither Majestic SEO nor our algorithms can determine if a site has disavowed links with Google. Therefore, you may see sites marked as "Low" Domain Quality ranking for reasonably competitive terms.

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