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Downstream Thinking (Related to Social Media Technology, RSS Feed and Data Feed Technology for online entrepreneurs) 

Downstream Thinking is an concept developed by Theme Zoom co-inventor Russell Wright to help students understand the most profitable flow of information, concepts, headlines, CTAs, tweets, images and memes. It is the "connective tissue" of the One Web Ring Network Empire System. Downstream thinking optimizes the impact and return traffic created by Ground Zero Content. Downstream social data should ideally flow from one's own platform (blog or website) to secondary (WRS1 and WRS2) platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and many others. Many people use these social mediums as independent communication channels in and of themeselves. There is nothing wrong with this other than the fact that such behavior is seldom profitable to anyone other than celebrities. Upstream thinking is when someone "tweets" first, and publishes the information to their blog afterwards. This is also not recommended. 

By "thinking downstream" you will start with your orginal Ground Zero Content on your money sites (a platform owned by you, not twitter or facebook) and all fragmentation, spinning, curation, tweeting (reduction) of that original content will move "downstream" and "away" from your core website and brand. More specifically, by "moving away from you core money website" we mean: Your micro-content should penetrate into your "database of congruent followers" that have been carefeully acquired based on congruent keywords, interests, markets, passions, fetishes, political positions, etc, etc. Please watch Russell Wright's complete video series on this topic. You must be a Network Empire Member to view all five videos. The minimum membership requirements to view these videos is Basic. 

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