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Note: EK-DNA Keyword term has been changed to "Empire Keywords" so that it will be easier to remember. 

Quick Definition: Empire Keywords are the complete list of keywords surrounding your parent theme or niche as derived by natural language processing methods including Latent Semantic Analysis and Co-Occurrence. This massive list of "Wide Net" keywords can be obtained using the Network Empire suite of tools including Krakken, Keywords 1.0, Painfinder and Domain Web Studio Silo NE Builder. 

E-KDNA is an acronym created by inventors Russell Wright and Sue Bell of Theme Zoom and Network Empire.

EPI-Keyword DNA (EK-DNA) is comprised of the Semantic Net for all the domains in a Network Empire Project.

Update: Theme Zoom Blog: What the Heck is an Epi-Keyword DNA Map? 

In biology, and specifically genetics, epigenetics is the study of changes produced in gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence – hence the name epi- (Greek: επί- over, above, outer) -genetics.


The most common usage in biology implies that environmental conditions (and adaptive information from the environment) may effect, mutate and transform genes independently of internal DNA structure. It has been considered by some geneticists (including Dr. Bruce Lipton) that epigenetic coding may even override certain genetic limitations that exist within the constraints of linear DNA sequencing.

Similarly, in terms of the Theme Zoom VOMA (Vertical Online Market Analysis) process, the E-KDNA is a superset of the K-DNA (Keyword DNA) and this keyword set is used to "test the semantic web environment" for effectiveness of secondary and tertiary keywords. E-KDNA keywords are not yet a part of a Website Silo Architecture but, if proven effective, will be added to the the K-DNA list of proven keywords via the automated PKMM (Perpetual Keyword Money Machine) cycle.

Another way of describing the process of gathering, propogating and testing the E-KDNA keywords is to "Cast a Semantic Net". This was first described by Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell in her flagship article:

How to Bend Search Engines to Your Will Using Themes, Synonymic Sets and Semantic Nets

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