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Cymatics: Consonance and Dissonance in Liquid Mediums


2015 Update: Cognitive Consonance

Cognitive Consonance has been updated to include Dr. Robert Lanza's Biocentricm and Biocentric Universe Theory as the primary axiom.

Please see BioCentrism for more information and/or watch the video below.


"She Didn't Go SomeWhere (at death), She Went EveryWhere . . . " - Powder 

"I am Everywhere . . . " - Lucy

Existential Cognitive Consonance is a theoretical polar opposite to the ground state of Existential Cognitive Dissonance - a theory proposed by inventor and neurotheologist Russell Wright. The theory was synthesized from the distilled works of Dr. Carol Tavris, Dr. Gregory Berns and neurobiophysicist Mark Evan Furman. These three visionaries are part of a growing group of intellectuals, philosophers and teachers.

Consonance means (harmony) and is the opposite of dissonance (dicord or disharmony). Existential cognitive consonance is a state of being that stands in stark contrast to existential cognitive dissonance.

Existential cognitive consonance is a life condition and psychological ground state (mindset) that occurs when a human being has seen (and become absorbed) by The Pattern (aka "The Fourth Replicator", or The Ecstatic Movement of the Optiverse). 

The Pattern (The Optiverse), of which all being are a part, could be interpreted as Self Consuming Recursive and Ultimately Creative Optiverse.

The "Optiverse" is the Whole of You (genetically, emotionally, physically, historically, "spiritually") - and paradoxically includes everything that you ARE and everything you ARE NOT. In electromagnetic physics this would be the same as "Zero frequency or Infinite Amplitude". Such concepts are also the framework behind free energy, cymatics, and gravitational physics - including speculation about time dialation. (See "When Time Breaks Down, by Cardiologist Aurther Winfree)

When an individual "resonates with" or becomes completely "immersed within" The Pattern (or The Ecstatic Movement of the Optiverse), Sensitive chaos and cognitive consonance becomes the ground psychological condition from which all decisions are made. In this way even mundane decisions are naturally optimized for all parties concerned.

It is the birthright of every human being to overcome existential cognitive dissonance (self deception) and enter The Pattern (or The Ecstatic Movement of the Optiverse). Existential harmony, insight, extreme joy, extreme creativity and intrisnic integrity is the ground state of such an individual. 

Compassion is an inevitable default awareness when one recognizes The Pattern (or The Ecstatic Movement of the Optiverse).

It is likely that NON-TOXIC Dopamine Overdrive (uninhibited by Delta FosB and poorly managed Oxytocin) is the ground mental state of what was called "functional Nirvana" or Sahaj Samhadi in some esoteric traditions. Nirvakalpa Samhadi (non-funtional Nirvana - or blissed out ecstasy) is likely an ecstatic dopamine state that excludes the physical body map because of overloaded dopamine receptor sites coupling and amplifying the brains own natural DMT (Dimethyltryptamine). The neuroscience of body maps and mirror neurons is essential to the study of sustainable (evergreen) ecstatic and compassionate states (i.e. permenant enlightenment or Gnosis). In the case of Cocaine and Meth use, compassion (empathy and shared feeling) is excluded as a common behavior as dopamine addiction overrides the oxytocin matrix. This is bad because it disinhibits psychopathic behaviors and lowers feelings of empathy. 


Buddha's Brain

Addiction no longer exists.


The Craving Brain

Dopamine (liquid goddess) is no longer your master. You live in harmony/consonance with her (metaphorical) seductive nature.

When one has seen The Pattern, nothing less than wholly integrated feeling and thinking is accepted for cognitive value.

Discover more about Existential Cognitive Consonance via the Meta Mirror, Neuro Freedom and Solalign technologies created by Inventor and neurotheology philosopher Russell Wright.

About The Author: 

Also See Russell Wright (aka Technology Shaman)
Russell Wright has spent over 20 years participating in "total immersion " social experimentation. Included on his resume are various cults, communities and gurus around the world.

To name a few:

- Muktananda Ashram

- Endeavor Acadamy (Gonstic use of ACIM) 
- TM (Transcendental Meditation)
- Adidam 

- Eckenkar (Sound and Light of God) 
- Shankar Das (Divine Mother Worship Cult)
- Vipassana Meditation

- Zendik Farm (Elemental Philosophy)

- Mother Meera (Germany)

- The Church of Scientology (Germany) 

- Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi

- Mt Shasta International

- Shivananda Yoga

- Sufi International 

- Dan Winter International

- Greg Braden International (Russell produced Greg Braden's first video product during the launch of Gaiam Inc. 

- Helped found Gaiam Inc, and Explorations Catalog 

By the way, Russell really needs an editor as he is busy running multiple businesses. All memes are in flux and subject to change pending new technical knowledge and/or clinical correction to our global understanding of cogntive neuroscience. Call 608-844-4301 if you are interested in joining a team of individuals synthesizing spiritual and scientific knowledge in order to increase happiness and joy for all mankind. 


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