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Question About Frame Control from a Student:

Hey Fellas, Hope your business is going well.
I need some help and guidance. Anyone succeeding at this please lend a fellow OMGer some advice.
I have 3 PBNs and only have one client who I lost Frame Control to since the beginning. I don't know how to get it back at this point. (HELP)
Anyone knows how to get Frame control back from a client, please let me know.
This guy just doesn't pay me. Last time he paid was 4 weeks ago.
He still owes me $500 to finish he's site and $300/month to get his SEO going.
(if you're wondering yes I'm reading Pitch Anything you can go get it by following the link below - it's an incredible book: Pitch Anything.
I need to make money now and fast can anyone point out to me what's working for them to make money fast (when you don't have much money).
I'm going through Joshua Fletcher videos again trying to apply his stuff and local client getting.
I have made probably 600 phone calls spoke to over 100 people send out 50 video presentations.
I'm an extremely BOLD person I'll speak to the president of Iraq or king of England.
Should I try door to door now to get local clients. (I want to maintain Frame Control though)
Any advice on how to get clients make money now would be much appreciated...

Brutally Honest Answer from Enterprise Software Inventor and Neuromarketer Russell Wright:

Brutally Honest: For most people, an authentic Frame Control does not happen with "need money fast desperation". Not that it is not possible. The best Frame Control comes when you actually (for real) don't need the client. You can work yourself up to 'pretending' that you don't need the client, with lots of training, if you are very good, and have an amazing instructor like Oren. Also, at the end of the day, you either set yourself up in the beginning to turn a client service "on" or "off" which is 100% technical, and nothing to do with frame control. For instance, if you have an awesome product on a recurring billing, and they really want it, when they don't pay, it gets turned off. They start to pay again, and it gets turned back on. No Frame Control required by you, because it is all handled by the technology and the branding. Even if you can't accomplish this right NOW you can be moving towards it. May these words haunt you, until which time you will use them (grin): "Automate Your Frame Control Where-Ever Possible: Frame Control is Ultimately Handled by what Jarron Lanier calls Siren Servers: Who Owns The Future.

Translation: "Set Yourself Up To "Turn Off" Rankings When Not Paid". Hope that is more clear. If you do NOT have an automated "pain of disconnect" . . . you have almost nothing. If you cannot automate it, make sure your clients can experience directly the pain of disconnect, and make sure they know about it in advanced. That is how you control the frame "from the beginning" as you say. - Russell

Mike Haydon: I'm changing some of my business processes as a result of what you just said Russell. Thank you so much. The instant auto pain is what I was lacking.

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