GIM ES USP FIB = Write Your Own Check (The 4 Pillars of Business Success)

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Pillar 1: GIM (Gap In Market)

What is GIM?

Gap in market

A Gap in the Market: An 'unmet' consumer need or a group of potential customers who are not yet purchasing a good or service.

Please see the complete explanation of The 4 Pillars of Inevitable Business Success

Pillar 2: ES or MVP (Easy solution or Tested Minimum Viable Product)

What is an ES and/or MVP?

Easy Solution and/or MVP (minimum viable product)

Pillar 3: USP (Unique Selling Position)

What is a USP?

USP stands for Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Position.

Simple definition: What your company or product has that ALL others do not.

Pillar 4: HFIB (Hungry Fish in a Barrel or Warm Hungry Buyers That You Do Not Need To Cultivate A Relationship With)

What is HFIB?

Write Your Own Check

This means that you have solved the 4 major blocks to business success. All other complicated theories and growth hacking concepts are for people that do not have all 4 of these ducks in a row.

4 Points of Failure to Write Your Own Check

If you look closely at business models and Lean Startup rules, you will find that almost all oversights and POF (Points of Failure) exist under one of the 4 categories discussed above.

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