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 Your Golden Frame = Call To Action + Buy Button = Transaction!


When we speak about your Golden Monetization Frame CTA (call to action) we are simply referring to a website (or network of sites) where you have access to hosting.

A golden monetization frame also implies that you have administrative rights to publish a call to action (banner, text, video) within the sidebar, header, footer or html frame of any given platform. In a "golden monetization frame" you control both the monetization technology and message sitewide. Ultimately, the domain authority you are building for the entire domain should be owned by you from the beginning.

Additional CTAs:

The call to action (on your golden monetization frame) may exist in the form of:

1. a banner,

2. an anchor text,

3. a buy button,

4. a video,

5. an opt-in

6. and/or any other form of online interactive technology.   

Why is it that people just love to Tweet Upstream? It is because they don't understand downstream thinking. Their brand suffers because of it. 

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