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Here is some information about the oft-misunderstood Golden Niche Indicator feature in Domain Web Studio (Also called WordPress Empire Builder).

Clearing Confusion 1 = (Is the Golden Niche Indicator in DWS the same as the Golden Niche Filter in “The Last Keyword Tool”?): Several people have confused the DWS version for the Golden Niche filter in “The Last Keyword Tool” software. Please understand – even though these two tools are often bundled together, they are unrelated features specific to each tool. You may see how TLKT and DWS WP Empire Builder come bundled together here.

Clearing Confusion 2 = (Am I rigidly stuck assigning Silo Pages only to keywords that have enough competing pages?): Folks, please remember, even if you use the Business Decision Rules and Filters to flag keywords as Silo, Silo Category, Articles etc . . . You can, at ANY TIME, override that decision and move an important or core business term to any level you want – even if the keyword does not qualify as a Silo Landing Page with your “Global” Silo Landing Page Setting!

I do this occasionally – that is – force a Silo category page (article) into top level Silo Position within the website, even though competing pages do not qualify the term technically.
When and Why would I do this?

Profitability. Because, if the “Golden Niche Indicator” is flagged, it is obviously a major market focus topic and/or pain in the market is pretty huge. The term simply does not have enough qualifying competition to become a Silo yet in terms of Google’s competing pages. This may be overkill . . . but hey . . . you KNOW a profitable page is going to get ranked when you do this, right?

Follow the money! Because the money patterns of TSMV (total search market value) will indicate pan and profitability. TSMV can be seen using our more advanced Krakken vertical market research tool. DWS will also give you an excellent indication of the global profitability across a gigantic pile of industry keyword terms.

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