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 What is the Google Plus RSS Generator (Maker) Software?

Above Video - Does Google have a Multiple Personality Disorder?

Above: The video that started it all - general overview of the Google Double-Plus System Concept

The prupose of the Google Plus RSS Generator Software is to turn your Google Plus Personal and/or Biz Page Status Updates into an RSS Feed. 

Google Does Not Have An RSS Function for Google Plus and Removed This Function from Google Reader in 2012:

Google Does Not Want People to Make an RSS Feed from Their Google Plus Status Updates and Plus Ones?

Why is this, you may wonder?

Syndication and Domain Authority Backlinking Power!

Where Can I Buy A Subscription to the Google Plus RSS Software?

You may buy one of several subscriptions at

The Original One Feed To Rule Them All was Google Shared Reader!

We figured if Google were really ok with Google Plus RSS generation and automation, they would not foil every attempt to make this programmatically simple and cheap. Nor would they have removed the RSS "Shared Reader Feed" from Google News Reader in 2012, despite GLOBAL OUTCRIES from the Google News Reader Community. The Google "Shared Reader" was the most powerful tool Google ever snatched away from your cold, dead, protesting hands. But few people will ever know what was lost or gained by this move . . . nor will they know WHY it was so powerful. (Because it allowed a FREE way to remix content into an RSS feed and SHARE your Google Shared Reader RSS with the entire world, and syndicate that remixed feed EVERYWHERE . . . socially . . . without reservation . . . from the ORIGINAL Domain Authority (Google itself). Whoops. The Google Shared Reader was the ORIGINAL One Feed to Rule Them All system. Google decided it was too "evil" and snatched back "the ring". 

More articles of protest from faithful Google Shared RSS Reader Fans Worldwide:

  • Occupy Google Reader: Changes to the RSS feed irk the ‘sharebros’
  • Google Reader Is Dying: Will You Cope By Protesting, Perhaps?
  • Occupy Google Reader: A report from the protest's front lines (Google, Don't Mark All As Read)
  • Online Petitions Protest Google Reader Shutdown

We built the Google Plus RSS Maker shortly after Google shut down the Google shared reader . . . one of the most political moves ever made by the company. Political because for those in the know (about the power of Domain Authority combined with Social Sharing) - this nullifying move was considered nothing less that a digital pseudo-maoist move. I know that sounds harsh, but it is really true. 

Google Plus has Strong "Domain Authority" and Can Be Used To Boost Many SEO Benefits Both Directly and Indirectly

Google Plus has MANY uses and provides many secret "super-powers" for those who test and use it. 

For instance, here is a comment by a student who noticed something about Google plus usage and his Google author mark-up results:


"I've noticed that the more active you are on G+, the faster the results for showing authorship markup in the SERPs."

- B.B.

This is pricisely why we decided to extend the syndication reach of the rather (intentionally) limited Google Plus Status update - as well as the Google Plus One Function - which can be used as an instant "high domain authority" backlinking tool. Here is the overview of what you SHOULD be able to do - but Google does not allow. 

Did I mention that we are not very interested in being told what we can and cannot do? (lol)

Is There a Quick Start Video On How To Use The Google Plus RSS Generator Software?

Yes, here is the quick start video and diagram

  • Please note that the plugin described in the video above no longer works and you may use Hootsuite or SNAP as discussed in detail within the Google Plus Members Area and purchase page. 


Where Can I Get the Google Double Plus RSS Maker/Generator Service? 

You may find out more about this service and system here:

Google Plus Basic Theory and Buy Button

Is Google Double Plus RSS Maker Part of My Network Empire Subscription?

If you are a Network Empire PRO member you are automatically given access to the Google Plus RSS Feed Maker. You may login to the application here. 

Please Give A Basic Video Overview of the Google Plus RSS Maker In Action

I know that Hoot Suite only allows posting an RSS feed to the G+ business page, but is that ideal or should we be posting it to the personal page? Or both?

Our feeds are on the personal page, right?

Answer: With our G+ RSS Maker Software, you can make a Gplus RSS Feed with our software for either your G+ Biz Page or Your G+ Personal status updates.

Also, it depends upon if you are speaking about a WRS1 or WRS2 G+ and Gmail account. Is this a "real" person and a WRS1 branded account for a company or persona? I generally prefer to post to both a G+ personal status update and G+ Biz page if the Google Gmail account is created as a persona for a WRS2. Please see as a reference for these terms to clarify the WR terms and definitions. 

All of this being said, Google has made it very difficult to "auto-post" to the G + personal profile. Several companies have failed to make this possible. We are about to fix this problem with WPSocialExplosion 1.0.
{ - please make sure you are on the mailing list for the soft launch }

When We +1 something, should We only be doing it from Our personal Google Account or from the Business Account or Both?

For example, YouTube allows us to be using their service as ourselves or any of the various channels we've setup, which I've done for my businesses. And if I +1 a video, it's obviously going to associate that with the G+ account or page depending upon who I'm using YouTube as.

Answer: The value of plus-ing anything, in my opinion, is dubious at best. It is unclear what benefits you get for plus-ing other people's stuff. In theory, plus-ing other people's stuff would indicate that your account (Personal or Biz) is alive, authentic, and socially active - giving your G+ account more klout in general. But this is currently unproven. the real reason I like to plus is that the G + RSS Generator Software allows you to turn you "Plus-ing" into a feed as well. This gives you the ability to manually curate sites into a feed, and one extra feed is made available to you. I only plus my own things like this, and submit that feed to the RSS feed directories. The ROI on this is dubious at this point, and this model was designed over 2 years ago. I still like the idea - and this is especially designed for WR1 branded sites.

Personal Branding versus Biz Page:

The bigger answer to your question depends on you. Do you want to use your personal profile to operate your business? Many people do. Some people split their personal lives Gmail account from their Biz gmail account. This will effect how you set up your feeds obviously. Others use their personal profile for personal correspondences and Biz pages for business. Personally, until Google gets their trip together with all of the connections and databases, I have a separate Google gmail account for business, and if I have a personal life, I use another Gplus page. I find Facebook is WAY more conducive to private life stuff, and Google overall is better for business overall. Because everything gets indexed more or less.

Stuff G Plus RSS Maker Does [Yet] Not Do

(As of 2014)

Does Network Empire G Plus RSS Maker Publish TO my G Plus Personal and/or G Plus Biz Page?

No. The current version of G Plus RSS maker only provides a feed FROM G plus Personal and/or G Plus Biz Page. There are major plans in the works for us to add this feature sometime during 2015. In the meantime, you may want to use Hootsuite to publish directly to your G Plus Biz Page (via an RSS Feed) and/or OnlyWire to publish to your G Plus Personal status page. There are a few other services that provide mediocre service for doing this, but we have not listed them all here. Please stay tuned for updates.

Also See One Feed to Rule Them All

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