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The concept of "Ground Zero Content" is a play on the concept of "Ground Zero" as defined by Wikipedia: The term ground zero describes the point on the Earth's surface closest to a large detonation- such as a nuclear bomb or even an earthquake hypocenter.

Ground Zero Content is the term used by the Network Empire Team to describe original (or curated/remixed) high quality content (of any format) that originates at Web Ring 1, or the WR1 Market Domination Core Web Properties. You may also see the complete flash animation of the One Web Ring Traffic System. 

This Ground Zero Content can be repurposed in any number of ways to be syndicated downstream to WRS1, WR2, anf WRS2 Market Domination Web Rings and clusters of SEO friendly web properties.

Only by starting with Ground Zero (content) can students building a Network Empire Project make full use of Downstream Content Thinking

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