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Plugin Description: What Is <insert software name>?

Where Does This Plugin Fits Into the Network Empire Web Ring System?

What Are The Plugin Benefits?

What Will <insert plugin here> Do For Me?

(coming soon)

How Can I Join The Skype User’s Group for <insert plugin here>?

(coming soon)

What Are Additional Values and Benefits of <insert plugin here>?

Below are some other frequently asked questions about <insert plugin here> and related benefits. 

Are Perpetual Plugin Upgrades Included?

Yes, you will always have access to updates of the current level of plugin development and all future point releases.

Are New Plugin Point Releases Automatically Updated in the WordPress Control Panel?

Yes. Our system automatically informs WordPress of a new release and encourages you to update to the next point release.

Does This Plugin Have A Related SAAS (Software As A Service) Within the Network Empire Arsenal of Software Tools?

Yes. But they are not required.

Currently there are <insert number of Saas> SAAS blog development tools the interact with <insert plugin here>. 




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Completing the Project / Reporting / How to Know It’s Working

How to Upgrade to Future Releases



Planned Enhancements

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Transferring Your Account

Cancelling Your Subscription

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