How Do I Upgrade My Network Empire Subscription to Include Krakken

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How Do You Upgrade Your Current Network Empire Subscription To Enterprise (Which Gets You Krakken Vertical Online Market Analysis Tool)

Question Expanded:

Hope you're well! I'm considering jumping on the enterprise level of tools. How would I upgrade my membership if so inclined?

I would like to know what the enterprise level software suite would do for me- what type of person would need it? Krakken being the main piece- would I use the enterprise package to design and build big sites for clients, or myself?


Upgrading your membership is easy,

1) sign up for the new from the bundles page,

2) cancel your old subscription and

3) put in ahelp desk ticket so I can refund you any outstanding amount from the previous product's last payment - and to make sure there are no issues in your account so everything runs smoothly.

Krakken is great for building affiliate sites or client sites - it can rip a market apart and make it pretty painless to create a good sized blueprint that will export so you can use the same silo blog builder plugin as with DWS NE Silo Empire Builder / DWS.

It's also great for Personal Blog Network sites or Personal/Corporate Brand Broadcating Networks.

You are welcome to hook up with me - my skype is sueb_13

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