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Basic Definition: Reduced activation in the frontal (and especially prefrontal) cortex; One of the common neurological correlates for schizophrenics. The prefrontal cortex edits behaviors and audits decisions and choices.

If you understand the workings of Dopamine, you will begin to understand several other unexplained human behaviors.

Theme Zoom Neuromarketer Russell Wright has proposed the use of neurological studies in Hypofrontality (used clinically to describe the effects of addictive drugs) in order to develop an expanded computational model of online consumer behavior, especially the "click behavior" of pornography addicts and online gamers. Russell, co-inventor of the Theme Zoom natural language keyword online research tool, is interested in this topic as it relates to online behaviors in business.

A significant number of online metrics and 'visitor analytics' software has been developed by the pornography industry. The adult industry has a large statistical database of online user behaviors that have revealed how the slippery slope of "visually stimulated hypofrontality" operate in ways similar to alcohol, cocaine and meth addiction. Similarly, the "leveling up" addiction of online gamers caught in the trap of games like "WOW" (World of Warcraft) are also prone to neuroplastic hypofrontal changes within the brain. These brain changes will modifiy the behavior of a gaming addict in precisely the same way a porn addict or drug addict's brain is transformed by hypofrontality. 

The behaviors associated of "click addiction", especially as it relates to visual pornographic images (primarily stimulated in the male brain) have been tracked in the pornography industry (for commercial purpose) to such an extent that Russell has suggested to Dr. Kevin McCauley, that this marketing data should be used for clinical research into the nature of related addiction - namely online gaming and Facebook Obsession. Philip Zimbardo has done an excellent job of expressing the dangers of Hyprofrontality - especially its dangers to the male brain as it relates to novelty. This work on dopamine and novelty in the human brain has been well researched by Dr. Greg Berns.

Visual stimulation (especially for male humans) is wired directly to the dopamine circuits that drive pleasure reward anticipation. The metrics and behaviors extracted from the pornography industry may be useful for clinical research into the nature of pornography addiction as well as aid in clinical solutions to recovery. There is major evidence to suggest that porn addiction does create hypofrontality in the brain. If this is the case it needs to be viewed and perhaps even regulated with a different set of values not derived from fundamentalist religion, but from clinical observation.

Hear neuroscientist Kevin McCauley speak on the nature of Dopamine and the reward circuit in the brain.

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