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See the complete flash animation from image above

IS-DNA is an acronym for Industry/Innovation/Invention Solution DNA created by Theme Zoom Co-Inventor Russell Wright.

The letter "I" = Industry/Innovation/Invention

The letter "S" = Solution.

When we speak of "DNA" in the Theme Zoom or Network Empire material, we simply mean "components of" or "building blocks of".

So "IS-DNA" translates into the "building blocks" of your innovation or invention that you have provided to your industry.

The purpose of the IS-DNA frequently asked and should ask question drill down, is to help you select the most effective language to help your target market understand the problem that you have solved for them personally. 

The IS-DNA (Industry Innovation Solution DNA) is a unique configuration, sequence, combination of optimal FAQ and SAQ questions uniquely engineered to attract leads in your industry. These questions contain the first seed words used as themes for further investigation in the Krakken natural language processing application.

Your IS-DNA is the solution to a problem that you bring to an industry or market.

Your product or service is either a Vitamin or a Painkiller.

It is possible to reposition a Vitamin as a Painkiller by simply altering your A-DNA and/or your V-DNA using the Painkiller Article Writing Method.

The IS-DNA is the first step recommended in the constructon of a PLMM (Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine

Here is a video interview with a Network Empire Certification Student speaking about the entire process of extractig her IS-DNA questions during the certification event:

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