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What Is Infinitely Scalable Hands Free PinVid Hosting?

Scalable Hands Free Hosting is offered by Network Empire and The Hosting Shop (Kevin Polley) as a solution to the problem many users experience when using the Video Krakken plugin and when building a PinVid Automatic Video Traffic Website.

Where Can I Get PinVid Hosting?

You may purchase PinVid Hosting at The Hosting Shop, Network Empire Channel Partners.

What Does A PinVid Hosting Space Include?

When Purchasing Infinitely Scalable Hands Free PinVid Hosting Spaces that will safely house a massive Automatic Video Site, you will get:

- A single domain and space to house your PinVid website. (You may purchase more than one domain and Infinitely Scalable Hosting Space)
- A properly configured server that will allow your PinVid site grow MASSIVELY over time, without crashing and/or exceeding your hosting limits.
- Completey Automated "off-server" backup and recovery of these MONSTER PinVid Sites once per day.
- A properly PinVid-configured MSQL Database that does not exist in any other shared, managed or dedicated hosting service in the world.
- Includes weekly reports emailed to you that will include

  • WP Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Content Added to PinVid Site (*This is Awesome)
  • Comments Added Blog
  • Users Added to Blog

What Does A PinVid Hosting Space NOT include?

When Purchasing This Service You will NOT get:

- Access to FTP for the PinVid Hosting Space (This is why we call it "Hands Free")
- Access to CPanel. (We do not use Cpanel)
- The ability to upload your own plugins to the PinVid Scalable Hosting Space. (You can only use preconfigured plugins that are cleared and tested in the Automatic Video Traffic Training Course)

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