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Who Is Jimmy Kelley?

Jimmy Kelley is a highly skilled SEO and traffic expert who has increased search rankings and traffic for hundreds of clients and students worldwide. He has been providing this service since 2009, and has been instructing others both in rankings and site recovery since 2010.

Jimmy created courses that immediately became popular across the SEO industry. He coined the term Domain Authority Stacking, or DAS for his proprietary ranking method, which has become an SEO sensation and widely implemented.

Before entering into the SEO industry, Jimmy was a contractor for the DOD (Department of Defense). Also See Jimmy Kelley Digital. [1]

What Does Jimmy Kelley Say About Page Rank?

Is Domain Authority more powerful than Page Rank as a ranking factor?

Is it possible to stack domain authority to rank more easily and more quickly?

Jimmy's Experience as a Contractor for the Department of Defense

Using All Three Hats to Create an Evergreen SEO and Traffic Strategy

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