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Jirka Rysavy is an entrepreneur who personally mentored Russell Wright in 1997 helping him "get his head on straight" about big business and Fortune 100. Jirka's guidance was pivotal as he fully funded Wright's video marketing career by funding his schooling at Red Rocks Community College in Boulder Colorado, 1998. Jirka's kinds words and personal "lectures" were instrumental in changing Wright's views about money as 'energy' and creative potential - as well as it's limits. Jirka planted the seeds for Wright's current business philosophy of "thinking big" within the enterprise software development sector. Jirka is founder of several fortune 500 companies including Corporate Express and Gaiam Inc. Russell was present during the early months of Gaiam catalog and Exploration catalog.

Wright comments about Jirak Rysavy:

Anchoring as a method to break limited financial frames:

"Probably one of the most important mentoring sessions I had in my youth was from Jirka Rysavy. He is definitely one of the most compassionate visionaries I have met. Jirka had a habit of only working with individuals one-on-one. And here is one of the most brilliant people I have ever known (Jirka is a math prodigy) taking me out to dinner on Pearl street in boulder during this early start up of Gaima and Golden Rule LLC. I will never forget it, because it was pivotal in my life. He could see where I was stuck in my mind about money, and that I really did not have a clue about business. He tried to help me. He slid an American Express Black card accross the table to me and said, "pick it up". I did. He said, "That is what 290 million dollars feels like". I know that people listening to this story could think that he was showing off or something. But you weren't there, and he wasn't. There was a mental and engergetic shift. It was all in his tone and his compassionate mannerism. He was trying to help me understand that "wealth is in my mind" and that my mind is the only limit. You may not know, but Jirka is pretty esoteric and his mind works in multiple dimensions, as does mine. After that day, it was hard to make a big deal out of 290 million dollars. This was my first experience with a technique called "anchoring", and stuck with me until I started my own companies. I chose to view it is as more than just a neuromechanism of anchoring and suggestion. I chose to view it more as a "blessing and council", and I continue to value that experience to this day, because it changed my relationship with money."

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