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K-DNA / EK-DNA (The Genetic and Empire Keyword DNA)

In our One Web Ring Framework each page on a website has a primary keyword assigned to it. This keyword is selected as the optimal keyword for the page based on a semantic relationship to other pages on the site within the same silo, and its qualification to attract leads in your industry.

We call this the Parent Keyword or Parent Theme for that page, as this defines the theme of the page.

In addition to the Parent Keyword, there are synonyms for the parent keyword and a handful of supporting keywords that are related to the parent keyword that all form the Keyword DNA for a page. Think of the K-DNA for the page as the kernel ideas that will make up the page. The writer should consider the supporting keywords as the major points to include in the content when writing about the parent theme, and to include each synonym at least once when referencing the parent theme. In essence, the keyword DNA tells the story of that page.

The Keyword DNA (K-DNA) for the site is the collection of all of the Parent Keywords, synonyms and supporting keywords for each page on that site.

The Empire-Keyword DNA (EK-DNA) is the collection of all of the Keyword DNAs for all of the sites in your Empire (typically a single market).

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