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Who is Kelley Reyndols?

Kelley Reynolds demonstrates his brilliance as the software engineer in his now not-so-behind-the-scenes role in TZ Krakken and The Last Keyword Tool.

Kelley is probably the most skilled programmer and developer we have ever worked with. His skills were honed on Wall Street. Although he is in high demand, we have managed to capture a surprising amount of his attention.

He has also created one of the proprietary algorithms used by both applications called LARI (Local Aggregate Relevance Index).


Kelley is a fast swimmer and is known to participate in nonprofit swimathon events held for local charities.

Child Delights in 3-D Printed Hand Created by Kelley Reynolds

A young handicapped friend of Kelley's plays with a 3-D hand he "printed".

Linked In Recommendation for Kelley Reynolds (By Russell Wright)

Kelley Reynolds has succeeded in solving advanced cloud-based software development problems while other developers we tried, have 'run screaming into the night' when faced with similar problems. To avoid sounding too hypish, I will clarify. Kelley has been supporting the Theme Zoom Krakken and TLKT software application for almost a decade now. It requires constant updates, constant attention to the never-ending changes Google and other companies perpetuate. This is no small feat since the applications are Saas and database driven, while also requiring massive data integration. He is the best we have worked with in our ten-year history as a software company.

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