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The keyword decision screen is a functional display on the Theme Zoom Domain Web Studio and Network Empire Enterprise Application Powered by Theme Zoom. Please watch the above video for an incomplete demonstration of the keyword decision screen and how it assists the SEO professional in building a high ranking Website Silo Architecture.

The charts on the keyword decision screen provide the visual impact and speed up the process of making keyword decisions. Top-down keyword profitability decisions are made easier by segmenting and grouping the dataset by most profitable:

1. PPC (Pay Per Click) Keywords.

2. Natural (organic) Search Keywords (searched)

3. Competing Pages

In silo manager, located on the topleft of the Keyword Decision Screen, you will find the 5 most profitable keywords from any dataset that you may have imported. These top 5 will changes each time you load new data.

The Keyword Decision Screen is designed to look at the entire dataset and includes any keywords that register as outside your designated budget which you program during the start of the project.


More details about availble vusual heuristics and data charts and graphs on the Keyword Decision Screen:

(Exceprt from the developers manual)


The purpose of the charts is to look at your keyword set and to visually show you the top 15 by category

- Profitable keywords (looks at the potential revenue available per month once ranked)

- Paid keywords (clicks times (x) ppc cost)

- Searched keywords (suggested search volume given by keyword tools)

- Competing pages

By looking at the segmented data you can see on which keywords consumers regularly spend money. You can easily identify which keywords are important to place within the Website Silo Architecture of your websitesite.

Overall Profitability Chart:


Overall Paid Search, Natural Search & Competing Pages Chart:



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