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Overview - Keyword Research Free and Paid Tools

Keyword research software can help in boosting your income by helping you identify the most appropriate way of monetizing your traffic. Optimization of posts is another important role for a research tool. Quality research is very essential for businessmen who run eBay stores and many other types of online businesses. An online business can be very lucrative but it all depends on your business strategies. Keywords are very important because they help internet users to locate their preferred products and services in the shortest time possible.

Keywords and Keyword Research Today:

“The three most important factors in marketing are location, location and location.”
How many times have we heard how valuable it is to have your shop located on Main Street so there will be lots of traffic passing by your shop?
But now, with the advent of search engines, the way people search for products and services has changed. They no longer take a stroll down Main Street to look in the shop windows. Or do they?

Actually, people still visit the town square, but it’s done by typing a phrase called a “keyword” into the query box of a search engine and clicking the "search" button. Suddenly, without ever leaving the comfort of their own home, they arrive on a virtual “Main Street” where the product or service described by that keyword is sold.

Now there are as many different “Main Streets” as there are keywords, each one characterized by the keyword which leads someone there. Now it is important to have your business website appear on the “street” (search engine results page) which is highly-trafficked by potential customers browsing for your specific products or services.
How do you ensure that your product or service is placed in a prominent position on a search engine results page for the most profitable keywords?

To make this happen, you have to answer three important keyword marketing questions:

  • Which keywords are potential customers of your specific products or services likely to search for?
  • Which of those keywords are most valuable?
  • How do you convince the search engines to list your website on the first results page for these “profitable” keywords? 

Most Likely Keywords for Profit:

The first of these questions is one that you can start to answer off the top of your head simply by describing your products or services. In this way, you’ll name some of the keywords potential customers will search for. But can you name all of the keywords that people interested in your products or services might search for? It’s not likely. In fact, you’ll probably have to do a good deal of keyword research to come up with a complete list.

Fortunately, there are keyword research tools available to aid you in your keyword research. A typical keyword tool accepts a “seed” keyword as input from the user, which is usually the user’s description of the product or service he offers. Then, typically, a keyword research tool will generate a list of keywords related to the original seed, each of which is usually accompanied by several columns of statistical data.

Lists of keywords returned to you by keyword tools will usually contain keywords which you had not previously thought of, but which people are likely to use in searching for your products or services.

These lists of newly discovered keywords, combined with their associated statistics, can help you to develop a complete list of profitable keywords for your business. They will also help you to discover untapped market niches, and get inspiration for new products and services.

Free Keyword Research Tools:

WordStream's Free Keyword Tool indexes over 1 billion unique keywords from over a trillion Search queries, enabling us to return far more relevant keywords than any other free tool and even many Paid , subscription-based tools (from

One other toolset that merits mention is the one from SEOBook, which is only partially keyword research , but between the tools and the browser extensions, will make your life so much easier. (from

Also see The Last Keyword Tool

Paid Keyword Research Tools

The Last Keyword Tool was created by the Theme Zoom team and is one of the few keyword research tools that utilizes natural language processing abd latent semantic indexing. 

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