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 Tutorials by Sue Bell

Tutorials by Russell Wright

Release the Krakken. No, Seriously. 

Krakken is not a keyword research tool. It is a vertical market research tool. When you enter a keyword, Krakken scrapes thousands of web pages and pulls tens of thousands of ONLY THE MOST PROFITABLE keywords on the web that surround and co-occur with your Parent Theme. Krakken then sorts, filters and verifies these 20,000 to 50,000 scraped keywords based on pay per click cost, traffic, co-occurrence, market share, LSI statistics, and competing pages. 

The Tale of Two Krakken Tabs


The most important thing to know when using Krakken-to-Blueprint for the first time is that there are two tabs that house two separate MONSTER research applications!

The first tab is the Krakken VOMA and the second tab is the Automatic Silo Blueprint Tab called "Blueprint" for short. Although these tabs house separate work areas, they are connetect by the "FLAGS" next to your keyword inside your VOMA drill after you create a cluster by entering your keyword or "theme": 


Of course there are many other things to know about how to use the Krakken VOMA theme clustering technology which we will cover in the videos below. But we just want you to know that if you plan to use the Krakken Automatic Silo Blueprint system, that the Green Flag means you LIKE the keyword as a Silo Landing Page or Article for your Silo Blueprint Auto-Drill. There are a couple of reasons you choose to GREEN FLAG a keyword for blueprint. 1) It is very profitable. 2) It is related to your products and services 3) It is an excellent conversation word to attract visitors to your site because of its Co-Occurrence percentage. 4) All Of The Above (preferred). 

Tab 1: Krakken VOMA (Vertical Online Market Analysis Tool) 

The first tab is the Krakken Research Tool called VOMA (or vertical online market analysis) tab. Please try to remember that Krakken is NOT a keyword research tool. It was designed by military-level programmers to help you "Swallow Your Market Whole" - which means that the software was designed to uncover ALL of the most profitable PILE of keywords in an entire vertical market

Tab 2: The Krakken Automatic Silo Blueprint Generator

After you have thouroughly researched your market inside the Krakken VOMA area, you should have plenty of green flags toggled next to keywords (aka "themes") so that they can be added to the Krakken Automatic Blueprint Generator software located within the "BLUEPRINT" tab. 

Quick Start Video Guide - How To Create a Krakken Automagic Blueprint in 50 Clicks Or Less: 

Video 1: Mining For "Gold" In Your Vertical Market

Video 2: Drill Into Your The Most Competitive Keyword(s) First!

To start your "prospecting" Go Vertical, Go High, Go Broad! Krakken is a Tool that will give you a High-Tech X-Ray View of the landscape so that you can find ALL of the keyword "gold" in multiple-industries.

 Video 3: Theme Market Analysis (The Pile of Gold Extracted From The Hill) 

Video 4: Define Your Theme (How Greedy Are You?)

Video 5: Green Light and Drill Your Blueprint!

Video 6: Approve Your Blueprint Silos and Articles!

Video 7: Instantly Export Blueprint to Wordpress

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Confusions

Does Krakken Use Broad Match or Phrase Match Keywords When Displaying Number of Competing Pages and Cost Per Click Data?

Answer: Krakken uses "phrase match" for several reasons. When performing market analyis, data in phrase match gives a more accurate assessment. Broad match values, by definition, can contain the words in any order and even other words, which can skew the concept and provide inflated estimates.

We want to be as accurate as possible when assessing a market value. We would use exact match, however Google does not provide many values for exact match keywords so we felt it was ineffective at representing the market.

To build an Automatic Krakken Blueprint with the most meaningful and profitable keywords, phrase match is used as it indicates specific interest in a keyword phrase.

The TSMV (total search market value) calculation of your "giant pile of money keywords" is most accuratly represented and will provide you with the best estimate for a successful site.

Why Do Krakken's Competing Pages  Look So Much Larger/Smaller Than The Competing Pages Displayed on the Default Google Search Engine Results Page?

Answer: This common confusion has to do with how Krakken draws precision values from specific countries. The Google search engine results screen displays international search volume estimates. See Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell's video on precisely how we pull this estimate, and why it looks different than the SERP:

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