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Matt Da Cruz  (aka Mr. ROI) is the CEO of Click Synergy and CEO at Network Empire LLC. He currently coaches all of the Network Empire Certification Level Courses.

He is programmer and co-inventor of the DWS NE Silo Empire Blog Builder a tool founded on Matt’s private SEO project management processes & systems. This Online SEO Project Management Suite is designed to manage not only the discovery of the unique keyword fingerprint of your website, but assist you with outsourcing content creation, team management and finally the promotions and site syndication that will assist you in dominating your niche at a high level.


In his early twenties, Matt owned & operated the 3rd largest surfboard manufacturing shop in Africa.  They hand crafted between 1500 - 1800 surfboards annually and exported to 12 countries.

He then moved to Scotland where he was 33% owner of a real estate venture.  He was responsible for designing the online sales funnel and back end automation of the business process. The result was 59 properties purchased in one year for the company.  As a result of this endeavor, Matt currently owns and operates 12 rental properties.

Matt has also been responsible for the IT division of a company that managed call deliveries for many of the blue chip companies in the UK, including Scottish Water and British Gas. He was responsible for setting up the actual call centers utilizing vodafone, tele 2 tmobile, etc., including the communications, servers, call scripting, etc., such that the staff could simply walk in and sit down at a working machine.


Matt, as a professional SEO, a systems developer and business process analyst.  He presents the search engine story in a way that both technical and nontechnical audiences will enjoy. He takes a bottom up technical approach when designing systems for search engine marketing and syndication. An experienced SEO and business strategist auditor and coach, his goal is to promote a perspective that tends to intrigue and simplify processes for the average listener.

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