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Mike Clay is CEO of www.claydigitalconsulting.com and a digital agency management expert in charge of Network Empire's Online Marketing and Agency Training program.

Mike is extremely talented and willing to share what many other of our successful members were unwilling to share.

In his trainng, he will show you exactly how he puts together extremely profitable blueprints and research reports that turn prospects into very well paying customers.

On average these blueprints and research reports are sold for anything between $1500 and $18,000.


Successful Technology Start-ups and Companies Founded by Mike Clay:

Theophilos, Neterprizes Inc, Daydream Tech, Marketing Master Group, Clay Digital Consulting

Co-Developed and Hosted Network Empire Training

MDM Level 4: 1 Million Dollar Digital Marketing Agency in 18 Months

MDM Level 3: Sell 2 Blueprints Every Month

MDM Level 2: Sell Blueprints First

MDM Level 1: Free Agency Training

AT4 SEO Casting

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