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-Acceptance - The taking and receiving of anything in good part, and as it were a tacit agreement to a preceding act, which might have been defeated or avoided if such acceptance had not been made. (Black's 4th)

Neural Acceptance for Value (NAFV) is a necessary neologism created by Theme Zoom co-inventor Russell Wright to explain the workings of the unconscious mind (psychic RAM) trying to distribute a finite amount of attention and creative energy across hundreds of tasks, daily interruptions and daily communications.

NAFV is a word created to help you begin to understand something of which you are probably only vaguely aware- that every time you allow yourself to be interrupted, and every time you decide to open an email, or answer a text -you are not only making a choice with your conscious self, but your unconscious mind thinks you have "Accepted as Valuable" a mental contract and created a mental agreement (large or small) to respond to that item. There is a cost to this-and the price is paid with a currency called "Psychic RAM."

An unconscious agreement will slow down your psychic RAM tying up much of your deeper creative energy. Your life is made up of hundreds of contracts (many of them useless) that you have Accepted for Value. For most of us, a "psychic contracts" is "Accepted for Value" even if you do not act upon the contents of an email (for example) right away because the unconscious mind has no sense of time- past, present, or future- it thinks it should be doing everything, all the time, right now. Therefore even when you can merely SEE the emails piling up in your inbox unopened, your stress (unconscious psychic RAM) will increase exponentially. The very fact that they GOT INTO your inbox (including spam) ties up Psychic RAM. Your unconscious mind has "Accepted them for Value" by default . . . and many people do not understand the devastating effect this has on their potential.

You have willingly decided to accept email from this person. Or a text from this person. Or a snail-mail letter from this person. Or a phone call from this person. It is "willingly" because you do have a choice to use your filters, hire someone to answer and sort emails for you. You also do have the choice to getting rid of email altogether, believe it or not.

When you open an email or pick up the phone or allow text messages, you have signed a psychic contract that will usually limit your ability to free up your unconscious mind for deeper more creative thought. Therefore all types of ubiquitous interruptions are like the advanced monetary science and common law legal term "Accept for Value." Also, when you are engaging any of these contexts, you have signed a contract that they are more important (by default) than anything else you should be doing right now.

More important is the fact that you "accept" and "sign" many daily interruption agreements that are just as bad as any high interest credit card offers or loan scams that you find on the internet. You do not know the extent of the psychic RAM getting used up in your brain when you open and deal with things in an "interruption" mode, because like most people, you probably do not know how your brain works.

You do not have to "accept" or "open" these emails. You can leave then unopened as long as you want. Simply seeing the emails in your box will still negatively effect your psychic RAM. It is an amazing idea that your brain is creating a contract, even when it sees unopened clutter, because it knows that sometime, and in some way, it will need to deal with it or "DO" something.

In fact you can reject these interruptions and contracts entirely preventing them from even coming into your inbox. 

Most people are unaware that they have choices and that they are using up limited unconscious resources, because they are addicted to "doing."

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