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Reminder about Basic Member's Skype Group Rules and Acceptable Topics:

Don't Forget To Focus

It's important for a group, especially as one as large as ours to have a focus.

The purpose of our group is so folks can help each other to grow their businesses through the use of Network Empire tools and services. Sharing their knowledge, helping folks out and pointing new folks to the help desk when the questions are beyond what the group can help.

What Is Acceptable:

1. You may ask questions about Network Empire Products and Services. Network Empire staff members may answer when present. Students may attempt to answer but you should consider using our fanatical help desk to verify their answers:

These can be answered by other students and/or staff members with more experience who will refer you to the help desk if they are uncertain about the answer. Staff member's answers should be given the most importance. Please see the list of approved staff below.

2. You may ask a question about a support ticket that has gone unanswered for more than 24 hours. Do not get into the specifics of your technical issue unless asked by a staff member. Have your support ticket number handy. Someone will generally come to your aid. Or we may contact you on Skype privately.

3. General technical difficulty with something not working properly? It is best to put in a fanatical support ticket - but sometimes you can ask around and find out information if something is going on with an API etc. We realize that some people may want to check in with other members to verify their issue.

Grey Area - Caution! Don't Get It Started: 

4. Don’t delve deeply into questions about controversial SEO and traffic techniques because they can get very unruly very quickly. This is especially bad where there are no trained Staff Members around. We frown upon the Skype group as a location where students and even non-staff experts try to share their opinions about these matters. Why? Because they are often garbage opinions, and we can’t take responsibility for censoring every bad idea (or product) that comes into the Skype group throughout the day. It is better to create your own Skype group and your own membership area and teach your own stuff. However please don't recruit people directly from our group.

What Is Unacceptable:

1. No Direct Selling: Do not engage in affiliate product pitching. Please no direct selling of your own software, methods, SEO techniques and concepts. Go create your own Skype group for that.

2. No Indirect Selling: Specifically, if you find yourself leading a conversation that is more than 1 or 2 exchanges, and the conversation is more about what you teach and believe about SEO . . . stop. Please create your own group.

3. Rudeness will not be tolerated! Do not speak negatively about anyone else or to anyone else in the group. Be RESPECTFUL at all times. If there is even a HINT of a arguing or flaming, we will have to remove you from the group. No questions asked.

4. Do not share or steal our courses. Please see our updated Zero Tolerance Product Theft Policy.

5. No foul or offensive language.

Don't Recruit In Our Skype Groups!

- Please don't use the Skype rooms to directly recruit people for your own organizations, causes, marketing agendas, accountability groups and/or political or religious beliefs.
- If you have an idea to create your own Network Empire group or cause, please talk to the Network Empire or Theme Zoom official staff, and we may be able to both support and help you create one.

What Happens If You Steal Our Courses and Other Materials?

Please see our updated Zero Tolerance Product Theft Policy

Making Friendly Recommendations: Do's and Don'ts:

  • If anyone in the Network Empire Skype group recommends a product or service, especially recommendations about hosting and other kinds of hosting solutions, we strongly recommend that you research the solutions for yourself before using them. Network Empire LLC cannot be held liable for any recommendations made inside the Network Empire Skype group.
  • We realize that there are many kind people in the Network Empire Skype group who simply want to share their knowledge and experience. There is a strong temptation to make personal recommendations about hosting products and solutions. We would prefer that you have private conversations about matters of hosting, blog security, and other high level IT recommendations.

Highly Trained Network Empire "Skype-Approved" Staff Members Whose Responses You Should Value:

1. Sue Bell (Final Word. Nuff Said)

2. Matt Da Cruz (Instructor for CLC Courses, Matt will drop in other groups from time to time, too)

3. Kevin Polley (He has been with us for years, and is the Semantic Web and Email Expert - and a highly educated NE Staff Member)

4. Mike Clay (Instructor for MDM Courses, Mike will drop in other groups from time to time, too)

5. Fran Horvath (She is mostly going to leave product links, members links and wiki links related to your questions).

Thanks for understanding! We considered closing down our little “Skype group experiment” but decided instead to lay down some more intense ground rules.

Sue Bell and the Network Empire Team

Open Skye Groups and Rooms

These skype rooms are primarily for the discussion of the product or bundle associated with the name of the group, but can be joined by anyone wanting to participate, listen or ask questions. To join any of these groups, simply message Skype user 'sueb_13' aka Sue and ask her to let you join a specific room.

1. General Network Empire Skype Group:

This room is for NE students and software customers in general. It is a place for me to make general announcements, let students talk amongst themselves, meet and greet, superficial level SEO concepts, and general software help. IN an emergency, you can also ask about the state of our software or request the location of information, and sometimes students may support you, or a staff member may. Please listen to staff members and take their advice to heart, while giving fellow students less klout. We are not liable for any advice that you take from students or non-staff members. We are also not liable for any advice you take from NE staff members, but such advice is more likely to be accurate.

2. Social Explosion Software Skype Group (optional):

Owners of Social Explosion Traffic and Domain Authority Boosting Plugin are welcome to join this group. Here, we provide updates, collect any issues during new releases, and have conversations about best practices and best uses for the Social Explosion Traffic Plugin and NE Social Signals Exchange Network. We will have additional training modules for this plugin in upcoming weeks. Also, several other Upgraded courses (listed above) will train advanced users how to properly install and carefully use this plugin, which we believe to be one of the most powerful social signal / DA back linking system on the market.

3. One Feed RSS SuperCharger Skype Group (optional):

In order to join this room you need to have purchased the One Feed Supercharger Plugin. You may ask participating community member's how they use RSS feeds with One Feed Supercharger. Admin staff may be able to occasionally answer questions but you should submit technical questions or potential bugs to the Network Empire fanatical support desk.

Please contact Sue at the Skype name "sueb_13" in order to request an add to this skype group.

Premium "Perpetual Mastermind" Skype Groups and Rooms

We also have a number of Perpetual Mastermind Upgraded Courses with Private Skype Rooms. The following is a basic overview of what is available and how you gain access to the specific Skype mastermind group. I think you will find the way it is structured to be rather logical. We have separated certain things that are not mutually exclusive to each other in terms of SEO and traffic topics, but are often exclusive to the upgrade path that various students choose. Nobody is in the same place with the same needs, so different students often purchase different upgrade courses first, depending upon their needs. By separating these topics out into different skype rooms, instructors and Network Empire staff members can keep the group focused on relevant and salient issues that come up within this area of expertise.

"I love the structure of the Network Empire Skype group coaching, different groups make it easy to target your question/problem to the correct audience and instructors." - Tyson Gaylord

1. NE Pro Software Bundle and Above

The Network Empire Pro software bundle Skype room is a room dedicated to those who have purchased the Pro software bundle and above. If you are in the Skype room, you are automatically entitled to the sell reports first Skype room as well. If you have not been added to either one of these rooms, please contact a support staff to be added as soon as possible.

for more information on how to purchase the Network Empire SEO Pro software bundle, please visit and/or

2. Sell Reports First

3. Domain Authority Stacking: Advanced Upgraded Skype Mastermind (Optional) :

This room is for those folks building back links and wanting to understand the domain authority stacking structures, tricks and methods. You must have upgraded to the DAS course in order to participate. In this private perpetual mastermind, you can get into very deep concepts of stacking and ranking via back links and domain authority. Many students are not there yet. Back linking comes after you have successfully completed your money site and learned the basics of silo research, keyword research, and market research. It is for this reason we have created an exclusive upgraded course and perpetual mastermind group for this topic. In this Skype room, Jimmy Kelley and Sue Bell will occasionally answer questions and this is a bonus to what is already covered privately on the webinars. Also case studies tend to come up. Weird questions always arise that need to be answered by a qualified instructor. These are sometimes answered in this room, as long as it is related to domain authority, domain authority stacking and other back linking concepts within Jimmy Kelley's curriculum. Also announcements related to Domain Authority Stacking, changes, weird stuff, new tips and techniques, new group discoveries, and other kinds of "group love" related to this topic may come up.

Why did we create a separate Skype group for the Domain Authority Stacking Upgraded Course? DAS is pretty complex, and beginners could easily blow yourself up. We don't want you to blow yourself up.

Requirements to gain access to the Domain Authority Stacking Skype Mastermind is
Even though this course is a "Stand Alone" some Network Empire instructors view the Domain Authority Stacking training as preparation for the GSA Software training and Upgraded Skype Mastermind.

4. GSA Software Training: Advanced Upgraded Skype Mastermind (Optional):

This training and "Perpetual Mastermind Group"  is for those folks who are crazy enough to play around with automatic back linking software like GSA Software. ; - )  We discovered that students, often unqualified students, are using GSA whether we want them to or not. They are using GSA even if they do not yet have the skills to do so. This being the case, Jimmy decided that they should least be educated on Best Practices and how to safely use such powerful back linking software in a way that is harmonious with other Network Empire concepts such as Domain Authority Stacking, The One Feed To Rule Them All, Co-Occurrence, RSS Feed Curation, Content Curation, PinVid Automation, Personal and Business Online Broadcasting and many other important concepts for You-Everywhere and Your Network Empire.

Requirements to gain access to the Domain Authority Stacking Skype Mastermind is:

  • Update! The GSA Software Course is no longer available to the general public, and requires a full Certification Training commitment in order to purchase and/or access.

5. Local Leads Empire Training and Coaching

6. Traffic Hospital - Panda and Penguin Penalty SEO Recovery and Prevention: Advanced Upgraded Skype Mastermind (Optional):

It makes sense to have an SEO recovery course because website SEO penalties are on the rise in general. When we launched this course, we did not expect it to be as popular as it is. The SEO recovery mastermind course is in high demand, and the private members-only Skype group is a huge added value.

Requirements to gain access to the Traffic Hospital Skype Mastermind is: [Http://]

7. Semantic Web Training: Advanced Upgrade Skype Mastermind (Optional):

This skype group is all about the semantic web, and includes occasional appearances buy semantic experts Kevin Polley and Sue Bell. It deals with the ever-increasing growth of semantic mark-up in day to day technical SEO operations and web development optimization. So all pervasive is this topic becoming, that it is hard to separate the implications from anything that we do or teach in other Network Empire courses. (We currently represent the need for "semantic web" integration and student knowledge as "the surrounding ring" in the following presentation:

You will probably hear something about semantic web integration in most of our courses, because of it's creeping, all pervasive nature, but there is a dedicated upgraded course for those who really want to nail the topic:

When the semantic web training course launched, we considered it something for thought leaders. Now we consider it a requirement. So, there is a dedicated Skype Group for semantic web training course as well. Kevin Polley, is often watching this room. Please see his bio here.

The (growing) dedicated help file for this upgraded perpetual mastermind course is located here: Semantic Web Training Help File. The Semantic Web Training (and perpetual mastermind group) has evolving bonuses and software releases including "semantified" WordPress themes that will be released quarterly. It is a pretty tight family of thought leaders working with Kevin, Sue and myself, to technically integrate the ranking advantages of the semantic web, and more importantly, support the evolving semantic web itself.

8. CLC-1 Tech Foundation 1: Advanced Pre-Certification Upgrade Skype Mastermind (optional)

This course is taught primarily by Matt Da Cruz, and is the only REQUIRED Pre-Certification course that we have. We strongly suggest that you take this course before attending our yearly Network Empire Live Event. In this 8 week webinar bootcamp, you build a money site (WR1) because arriving at the live event without a money site, and without understanding basic website silo architecture and Krakken/TLKT research would leave you "dazed and confused". Especially since we are showing you how to build a Personal/Business Brand Online Broadcasting Traffic Network at the live event, (which drives traffic to your buy button.) 

The SEO Tech Foundation skype group allows the instructors to interact with students, and, since the general course is a Perpetual Mastermind Group, you will always have access to this room and future bootcamps when they start. Please see the complete list of benefits and features for this course.

Having access to this skype group means access to Matt Da Cruz and occasionally Kevin Polley and Sue Bell.

Note: The SEO Tech Foundation 1 training includes Done For You Krakken and TLKT research for your chosen money site. This is worth the entire value of this 8 week webinar bootcamp. In this course we also teach the basic foundations of the One Feed To Rule Them All, and advanced website persuasion architecture and Video Website Silo Architecture, which is important for building your persona and/or business brand.

Requirements to gain access to the SEO Tech Foundation 1 is:

Note: The cost of this course can also be used as a voucher against the cost of the Network Empire Live Training Event.

9. CLC-2 Technical Foundation II Coaching

The CLC 2 Kickstarting Massive Traffic training coursewill take to the next level everything you learned in CLC 1 (Researching and Building Your SEO Silo Money Site).
It is not required that you have taken the previous CLC 1 course, but it is helpful. This course will help anyone wishing to increase traffic to a transaction (money) website.

CLC 2 is another Network Empire Perpetual Mastermind Training Course!

This is also a perpetual mastermind training course! once a member, always a member! one-time payment, forever updates.

10. CLC-3 Automatic PinVid Traffic Course: Advanced Upgrade Skype Mastermind (optional):

This is the private mastermind group dedicated to the full PinVid Perpetual Mastermind and Coaching Course launching in October. This course will be taught by Matt Da Cruz and Kevin Polley. The alternative name for the Automatic PinVid Traffic course is "The 1 Billion Page Club". In this course we will teach you how to sustainably automate and generate traffic from 1 Billion Video Pages, and how to properly scale for such an endeavor.

PinVid is also a Certification Course (Meaning the cost can be used as a voucher against the LIVE NE Certification that happens every year in Scottsdale Arizona.


- The (all new) Network Empire Semantic PinVid Video Theme

- The (currently in development) all new Video Krakken Silo Pro. *This is a fully silod automatic video plugin, and an enhancement from the version, which, thanks to Kevin, has gotten rather boring, since all of the plugins are pre-configured, and uploaded with the click of a single button within the semanticized PinVid theme. It takes less than 30 minutes to build a fully functional PinVid website that can literally run for years on autopilot.

- "Hands off" hosting for single PinVid Sites (optional). This means we will place your PinVid site in a hosting environment that does not suck. If you choose to have us do this, you will NOT have FTP access, and you will not be able to upload any other plugins or technologies onto your PinVid site unless it is approved first by the PinVid hosting team. Some of you will not want this. Good. Others will breath a sigh of relief. Should you ever decide to move your PinVid site from off of our server, we will zip it up for you, and you can host on your own dedicated. This option is only going to be offered to Automatic PinVid Students and Mastermind Members who prefer to go this route.

- Step by step training, supplementary videos, and ongoing webinars, where you get over-the-shoulder access to Kevin Polley and Matt Da Cruz building a "Monster" PinVid Meme-Addiction Site.

11. CLC-4 Automatic RSS Content Broadcasting Course: Advanced Upgrade Skype Mastermind (optional):

You must be a certified adviser or paid Level 4 Certification Student in order to be given access to this member's only Skype group. If you are interested in joining, please visit Automatic Broadcasting Training.

Please have your purchase information ready when you contact Sue at Skype name "sueb_13" and she will add you to the Skype room of this perpetual mastermind training group.

12. Certified Advisors Only

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