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Plugin Description: What Is The One Feed SuperCharger Plugin?

The One Feed Super Charger Plugin allows you to splice and publish feeds from any source, while sticking SEO targetted posts at the top of the feed page. You may also 'splice' 3rd party RSS feeds into your own RSS feed, creating a completely new feed for a completely new SEO purpose and/or for the purpose of generating traffic to your website through RSS feeds. You may also include your Google Analytics code for the purposes of tracking traffic from your RSS feed to any website that has the One Feed (RSS) SuperCharger Installed.

Please See the One Feed (RSS) Supercharger Video Tutorials.

Where Does This Plugin Fits Into the Network Empire Web Ring System?

To see where this plugin fits into the Network Empire Content Broadcasting System please see Web Ring System.

What Are The Plugin Benefits?

What Will One Feed SuperCharger Do For Me?

Here is a video that talks about why we created One Feed RSS Supercharger, and (only a few) of the things it can do for you.

How Can I Join The Skype User’s Group for One Feed SuperCharger?

Please read the Network Empire skype rules and then request an add from skype username "sueb_13".

What Are Additional Values and Benefits of One Feed SuperCharger?

Below are some other frequently asked questions about One Feed SuperCharger and related benefits. 

Are Perpetual Plugin Upgrades Included?

Yes, you will always have access to updates of the current level of plugin development and all future point releases.

Are New Plugin Point Releases Automatically Updated in the WordPress Control Panel?

Yes. Our system automatically informs WordPress of a new release and encourages you to update to the next point release.

Does This Plugin Have A Related SAAS (Software As A Service) Within the Network Empire Arsenal of Software Tools?

 (not yet but coming soon) 

Why RSS? Why Social Explosion?

You have



  1. Install as you would any other plugin.
  2. On the Settings tab select the beginning and end dates of old posts, if you wish to include them in any feed - this can be updated at any time.
  3. On the Add New Feed tab,
    • in the appropriate boxes add a title and description - include keywords but don't overuse them

Getting Started

Best Practices


  • Create an unlimited quantity of feeds for your blog with any of the array of features for any purpose you wish.
  • Blog Post content in each feed can be "full" or "summary"
  • You may include one or more posts as “Sticky” in your feed. *This is useful if you want to make sure a specific post needs extra juice and/or authority in your feed. This accumulates over time as you submit to multiple RSS directories.
  • Images will be included in your feed if they exist.
  • You may randomly include old posts, specified by date range, in your blog RSS feed.
  • You can include content from an unlimited number of external feeds, specifying how many posts to include and filter by keywords

Reporting / How to Know It’s Working

How to Upgrade to Future Releases

The One Feed Supercharger Plugin is aware of our repository and knows when an update is available - it will notify you the same way the rest of your standard plugins do, either in the update screen or the plugin screen and by email if you have some kind of blog manager installed such as managewp



Planned Enhancements

Change Log

  • First public release is OneFeedSuperCharger 2.0.3
  • 2.0.3 is the current release

Related Products

Link to Buy / Upgrade

If you wish to purchase the One Feed Supercharger please visit

Transferring Your Account

Cancelling Your Subscription

Help Desk

Please see our fanatical support desk.

  • You will need to have your receipt and purchase information on hand. The more information you can give us, including temporary blog access, the more help we can give you.

General Disclaimer

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