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PPC Silo Mapping is a system of matching the links in your PPC adwords campaigns to the appropriate page on your indexed silo structured website. It embodies several different key ideas that aids your PPC campaign based off the work already done when creating your silo structured website.

For example, if you are running a PPC campaign for a travel agency and the keyword phrase is "holiday in Spain", it would make sense that you point to the sales copy on a landing page (silo or article) that contains theme related topics and headlines.

If you have a silo on your main travel agency website that is /spain/ then your PPC ad can link to the subordinate article which is sales copy about a "holiday in Spain".

PPC Silo Mapping accomplishes 4 things.

  1. It will raise your adwords quality scoring because you are directing to a website (and especially a web page) that is contained on your site map which is indexed by the natural search engines and links to other thematically related pages.

  2. It will raise your adwords quality scoring because you will have thematically related keywords already optimized on your organic landing page that that will be the same keywords you will use in your PPC adwords campaign.

  3. Because your webpage is targeting these keywords for natural rankings as well as adwords, creating one highly converting page kills two birds with one stone.

  4. It will help you keep your natural website architecture and your PPC campaign architecture organized and integrated into your overall direct response marketing goals.

PPC Silo Mapping is the fastest way to integrate what have formerly been 3 disparate agendas:

  • Technical agenda

  • Marketing agenda

  • Educational agenda

To learn more about the automated integration of PPC Silo Mapping into your online business, please visit Theme Zoom

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