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Psychic RAM is a slang neologism used by David Allen of David Co. to describe a neurocognitive limitation of the human brain and of the unconscious mind. This limitation reveals itself whenever you agree (formally or informally) to take on any task (large or small). Whenever you accept a task (or assign one to yourself) your brain considers it a binding contract even if you are not consciously aware of it. This task will "eat away at you" because it has been stored in the unconscious mind or Psychic RAM. The task will bother you until it is actually done because your "Psychic RAM" has zero sense of time. There is no past, present or future- therefore your Psychic RAM believes that you should be working on completing "any and every" task "everywhere, all the time, right now."

It is impossible to do everything all at once, and of course you can only go one step at a time, but your unconscious mind does not know this.

The primary relief from the stress created by having made too many agreements is to release the pressure created by having too many open loops.

You must write everything down that is stuck in your head (Core Dump). In cognitive neuroscience this is called Distributed cognition.

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