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Quotes by Russell Wright

"It's Magic Till Science. Then it's Magic Again." - Russell Wright

"It's Memes, Memes, Memes - All The Way Down!" - The Great Turtle  (aka Russell Wright) 

"I really hope that the human race stops confusing 'belief' with imagination. The later is required . . . the former . . . not-so-much."  - Russell Wright

A Short History of Russell Wright (Inventor, Copywriter, Philosopher, and Technology Shaman):

Russell Wright is an entrepreneur, futurist, inventor, copywriter, postmodern technology shaman, neurotheologist and founder of Epimemetic philosophy.  

Successful Technology Start-ups and Companies co-founded by Russell Wright:

Theme Zoom LLC (Software company founded with ex-military programmer Suzanne Bell, Theme Zoom is the umbrella company for a language and keyword research tool called TLKT and a Vertical Online Market Analysis Tool called Krakken VOMA. This company was founded in 2006 with zero investment capital and was cash flow positive that same year.

Network Empire LLC (Software company founded in 2011 with Sue Bell and Matt Da Cruz as an educational and training company for the many Theme Zoom software users worldwide. Additionally, Network Empire houses a new Enterprise SEO Marketing Software Technology called Domain Web Studio. In 2013 the name of DWS was significantly updated and renamed to "Network Empire Silo Blog Builder" for expanded markets.

S & R Consulting Group
(Software and SEO Technology Consulting Company founded in 2014 with software architect Sue Bell and algorithm expert Jimmy Kelley. The first software developed by S and R is called WP Social Explosion)

Russell Wright's Business Mentors, Technology Teachers, Skilled Instructors and Strong Business Influences:

Jirka Rysavy - Billionaire entrepreneur who personally mentored Russell in 1997. He helped him "get his head on straight" about big business and Fortune 100. Jirka is founder of several fortune 500 companies.
Sue Bell - Inspired Russell in Business Development, Software Development Processes, Search Technology, Large Scale Technology Infrastructure, Business Pivot Points, Investing and Business Strategy - to name a few.
Bruce Clay Inspired Russell in Big Data Analysis. Original SEO certification instructor 2005, search technology, Google Futuring, The Future of Search.
Jimmy Kelley Inspired Russell in general algorithm analysis, Google patent back engineering, algorithm reverse-engineering, backlink analysis, link profile analysis, big data cube analysis, SEO testing and confirmation, and SEO hacking.
Matt Da Cruz Inspired Russell in Business Data Analysis, Keyword Business Decision Making, Technical Coaching and Mentoring Best Practices.)
Jaron Lanier - (See Russell's full entry on Jaron)
Kevin Polley - Inspired Russell in semantic web technology, semantic web and natural search, the indie web, online digital security, digital theft policies and best practices.

Russell Wright's Neuromarketing and Persuasion Mentors, Teachers, and Strong Copywriting Influences:

- Dr. Gregory Berns - Dr. Bern's bestselling book Satisfaction literally changed the direction of Russell's life and improved his software user-interface development skills, allowing him to more accurately predict user preferences.
- Carol Tavris - Carol's bestselling book Mistakes Were Made, But Not By Me helped Russell "crack the code" to several strange cognitive blind spots that could affect culture adversely. Specifically, cultish psychological "mental inception", "cognitive dissonance" and others. Wright views this book as one of the most "important and psychologically liberating texts of all time.
- Professor Robert Cialdini - Inspired Russell to look deeper into human behavior and the ethics of persuasion.
- The Heath Brothers (Authors of Made to Stick, Switch and Decisive) See Wright's Epimemetics Philosophy and Semantic Stretching.
- Chuck Anderson (aka Master Teacher) Charles B. Anderson was the chief commanding officer of the EA organization which acted as a platform for a 300 person social experiment until Mr. Anderson's death in 2008. The EA social experiment was (more or less) disbanded in 2013. Ultimately it would be Charles Anderson who encouraged Russell to always "step beyond" the limitation of whichever thought-system contained him. 

Russell Wright's Philosophy Mentors and Teachers

- Dan Winter (coming soon)
- Bucky Fuller (coming soon)
- Alexander Bard (See Russell's reference on Epimemetics and Alexandar Bard)


Successful Software, Products and Services Invented and Co-Invented By Russell Wright:    

Krakken VOMA Software as a Service (2008 - Present): The Krakken VOMA (Vertical Online Market Analysis) Natural Language Processing Bulk Keyword Analysis Tool. This tool was created in collaboration with software architect Suzanne Bell and programming genius Kelley Reynolds. This SAAS (Software as Service) allows the user to analyze tens of thousands of keywords on thousands of webpages using Natural Language Processing and Latent Semantic Indexing

The Last Keyword Tool Software as a Service (2009 - Present):

Domain Web Studio SEO Silo Empire Builder (2010 - Present):

The PinVid Automated Video Traffic System and Wordpress Plugin (2013 - Present):

The SEO Silo Wordpress Plugin (2013 - Present):

The SEO Video Silo Wordpress Plugin (2013 - Present):

Proprietary Market Research Algorithms Created by Russell Wright: 

TSMV (Total Search Market Value): Represents the value of owning all the search traffic, both organic and paid, for a keyword. It is the combined value for all the organic ranked positions and the number one paid position. It is measured in dollars per year (Co-Invented with Sue Bell).

TRI (Theme Relevance Indexing): TRI is a method of calculating an overall theme relationship between multiple keywords and/or a theme value of a single keyword. (Co-Invented with Sue Bell

Neuromarketing and NeuroWellness Inventions by Russell Wright

Wright's Dopamine (DopaMeme) Hierarchy of Persuasion:

Related to Above Diagram: Certification Level 2, Week 3 - Meme Jacking, Meme Stacking, and Click-Magnet Creation Training
Related to Above Diagram: www.EpiTemetics.Org

Corporate Start-Ups in which Russell Wright was involved prior to 2000:

Gaiam Inc. - (Role: Founding Staff Member, Non-Executive Role, Video Editing Department, Alternative Topic Selection "Explorations Catalog") Broomfield Colorado, under the executive guidance of Gaiam President Lynn Powers and company visionary and founder Jirka Rysavy

Special thanks to Jirka Rysavy: Jirka Rysavy is an entrepreneur who personally mentored Wright in 1997 helping him "get his head on straight" about big business and Fortune 100. Jirka's guidance was pivotal as he fully funded Wright's video marketing career by funding his schooling at Red Rocks Community College in Boulder Colorado in 1998. Jirka's kinds words and  personal "lectures" were instrumental in changing Wright's views regarding money as 'energy' and creative potential - as well as its limits. Jirka planted the seeds for Wright's current business philosophy of "thinking big" within the enterprise software development sector. Jirka is the founder of several fortune 500 companies including Corporate Express and Gaiam Inc. Russell was present during the early months of Gaiam catalog and Exploration catalog.

Wright comments about Jirak Rysavy:

"Probably one of the most important mentoring sessions I had in my youth was from Jirka Rysavy. He is definitely one of the most compassionate visionaries I have met. Jirka had a habit of only working with individuals one-on-one. And here is one of the most brilliant people I have ever known (Jirka is a math prodigy) taking me out to dinner on Pearl street in boulder during this early start up of Gaima and Golden Rule LLC. I will never forget it, because it was pivotal in my life. He could see where I was stuck in my mind about money, and that I really did not have a clue about business. He worked with me. It took a few years, but I got the message. (More on Jirka's use of anchoring during Wright's financial training)

  • Russell offers a special thanks to Lynn Powers and recognizes her as strong influence during these formative years stating: "Lynn, your patience and tolerance for my youth and naivete will not be soon forgotten. Thank you for your patience during an impossible start-up situation and the foibles of eccentric youth. After launching several start-ups myself, I have often looked back at the early years of Gaiam and thought of your responsibilities with a "sigh".

Online Business Consulting and Coaching Inquiries:

For one-on-one online business and technology mentoring with Russell Wright, please visit the Network Empire Coaching Page. Current rates are $1,000.00 per hour for each team member. Our day rate is $3,000.00 (per team member) and a day is 5 hours.

Coaching and mentoring packages offered by Russell Wright:

(Startup Training) Online Business Startup Consulting and Mentoring  

Curriculum: Whypower Versus Willpower - Launch Your Brand "Purpose" in One Day:

This training is now a part of the TZ Network Empire Certification Curriculum and is only available there.

Curriculum: The Startup and/or Product Launch Oversight and Planning Course (Customized for Individual):

(coming soon)

The Complete Network Empire Certification Training Program (Full Package):

Please see the complete Certification Level "Swallow Your Market Whole" Online Business Training Package, which includes a discount for the Network Empire Live Training Event.

Online Business Technical Foundation Level 1:

Focus of this training: SEO Website silo architecture, IS-DNA Process for Large Scale Site Planning. Please see the complete Online Business Technical Foundation Level 1 training page.

Online Business Technical Foundation Level 2

Focus of this training: Kickstarting Massive Traffic and Conversion. Advanced One Feed to Rule Them All. Please see the complete Online Business Technical Foundation Level 2 training page.

Curriculum: Online Corporate Brand Broadcasting Website or Network

Online Business Technical Foundation Level 3:

Focus of this training: Automatic Video Traffic Plugins, Software and Training.

Basic and Advanced Level: How to Set Up a Corporate Online Brand Broadcasting Network or Single Website (Broadcasting Station)

(Keyword Research Training) 

 High Level Keyword Reseach and Vertical Online Market Analysis Using the Krakken Technology

Theme Zoom Certification Training: 

For more information on this advanced training, please visit the Theme Zoom Certification Website. 

Investor Relations - Press Relations

Investors, please contact the Epimemetic LLC main office to enquire about inventions and potential joint ventures at 608-844-4301

When contacting us, please refer one of the following major projects, so that we may assist you more quickly:

Consulting and Coaching Inquiries:

One Feed To Rule Them All:

(Cash Micro-Content Curation, Syndication and Publishing at the Speed of Thought )

Russell Wright (Philosophy, Social Experiments, and Memetic Influences):

Wright's philosophy and presentation has been described as an eclectic and unlikely synthesis of Gene Roddenberry, Jaron Lanier, Terence Mckenna, Dan Winter, V.S. Ramachandran, Greg Berns and Alexandar Bard

Technology and Postmodern Shamanism: The NeuroTheology of Russell Wright

Wright lived a novel and strange early life. At the age of 18 years old, a tour of duty in the United States Navy quickened his disillusionment and inspired his search for both personal and global meaning. Already well-read on the metaphysical contradictions between Eastern and Western philosophy, Wright elected for "total immersion education" and travelled the world in order to join several cults, churches, intentional communities and communes. This pursuit led to a his later interests in persuasion and neuromarketing. Before his emergence as a technology shaman, neuromarketer and entrepreneur, Russell participated in several live social experiments including: 

- Zendik Farm (1990 - 1993 Now Dissolved)

Belief System: Animism, Elemental, Shamansim, Psychedelic Shamansim, *Influenced by the psychedelic 60's. Founders: Wulf and Arol Zendik (Deceased) 

History: During the "Zendik" phase, Wright participated in the Zendik Farm communal experiment. As a musician in the movement he participated in fringe "counter-culture" tribal bands organized by well known fringe culture icons of the time, including Genesis P Orridge from the Punk-Industrial Performance Art Band Throbbing Gristle and Paula Orridge from Psychic TV. During his time at Zendik Farm he performed in the Zendik Farm Band's release of The Loser. This period of Wright's life could be considered his plunge into radical industrial postmodern art and related performance art. Ironically, at the end of 1993, Russell was kicked out of the Zendik counter-culture movement. It was said that he was "thinking too much". At the urging of Zendik matriarchal cult leader Arol Zendik (now deceased), Wright left the farm in order to study various Hatha and Bhakti yoga traditions worldwide. 

A Personal Eulogy for Arol Zendik from Russell Wright:

"Arol Zendik passed from this world after a long and unusual life of service to the planet. At an extremely young age and during a difficult time in my young life, she instilled me with a sense of custodianship and responsibility. She gave me a sense of right and wrong that is beyond ethics and morality but is instead woven into the fabric and laws of nature. I will admit, she was a ball buster. Anyone who knew her will confirm that she would not put up with anyone's shit. She was an activist to the very end. And despite my best efforts, I have found few women with her wisdom, courage and integrity. As I move into my wiser and more sophisticated years as an influencer, I cannot seem to forget Arol's courage and I don't want to. She is definitely one of my North Stars. I consider her an unsung heroine of my early years, and meeting her a fortunate gem on my curious and confused path of Seeking." - Russell Wright

- The SYDA (Siddha) Foundation (1994 - 1996)

Belief System: Kashmir Shaivism and Adviata Vedanta, Siddha Sat Guruship.

History: One of the spiritual communities in which Wright found himself temporarily immersed was Shree Muktananda Ashram, South Fallsburg New York. During this 2-year period Russell worked with Mahadev Leonard Saphier as a personal assistant and physical therapist. The assisted living requirements were fairly rigorous. Mahadev was paralyzed from muscular dystrophy but was also a highly accomplished yogi who has been living at the various Ashrams since the 1970's. During this life period, Saphier educated Russell on various aspects of meditation, Hinduism, Sufism, Adviata Vedanta, Bhakti yoga, Mantra yoga, Sanskrit and several other related traditions and languages.

Influences and conclusions: This time period in Wright's history was earmarked by several experiences of what is called "The Blue Pearl" in Muktananda's book "Play of Consciousness". Considered a "spiritual" phenomenon and coveted by less experienced students, The Blue Pearl mythology later influenced Wright's work in neurotheology and technology shamanism. At the end of his "Muktananda" phase, Wright still believed the phenomenology of kundalini kriya yoga to be a sign of spiritual attainment and progress. This would be corrected later during his Scientology and Adidam phase. To this day, Wright continues to speak about Mahadev Saphier with gratitude and respect.

- Sivandanda Center, Woodburne NY (1993 - 1996)

Instructor Swami Vishnudevenanda )

Belief System: Vedanta, Hatha Yoga.  

History: Wright studied Hatha yoga and optimal body movement as taught by the first purveyor of this system into the United States, Swami Vishnudevenanda, who was still alive during this period. Yoga was still young during the 1990s, and was not yet the billion-dollar industry that it is today. Throughout the years leading up to 2013, Wright continued to study other body alignment methods that contradict the traditional methods and body logic taught to him by Vishnudevananda and others. His final conclusion is summarized by, and in agreement with Mike Singleton's book Yoga Body: The Origins of Modern Posture Practice. This conclusion holds that several popular Hatha Yoga positions are entirely unsafe and are not thousands of years old as espoused by the contemporary Hatha Yoga meme-plex and financial empire. Of course, this ideology does not currently win many friends in the Hatha Yoga community. Nonetheless this conclusion is based on many years of observing several Hatha Yoga methods and systems. In 2011-2012 Russell studied with controversial body alignment expert Michaelle Edwards on the island of Kauai, and continues to plays a minor supporting role with the ongoing social launch of Michaelle's body-safe Fascia Alignment System called Yogalign (tm).      

- The Church of Scientology (1997)

Belief System: L. Ron Hubbard and Dianetics. 

History: Wright moved to Germany for two years and reverse engineered the Scientology meta-belief system somewhat extensively. For legal reasons, no personal insights, meta-beliefs and/or conclusions will be written here. One quote from Russell about his time exploring Scientology states,-- "The Scientology meme-plex and organizational infrastructure is one of the most effective social engineering meta-belief systems ever devised. I leave it to you to decide "what", precisely, is being engineered."  

- Adidam or Dawn Horse Press (1997 - 2009)

(Da Free John, Sri Adida and many other names) Belief System: Kashmir Shaivism, Siddha Sat Guruship, NRMS (New Religious Movement Synthesis)

History: Wright was strongly influenced in his early teens by Franklin Jones and spent much time in his late twenties confirming and disconfirming various aspects of both his claims and teachings, starting with Jones' autobiography called, The Knee of Listening. During the course of his rather epic lifetime, the claims made by Franklin Jones were extraordinary . . . essentially that he was The Avatar of The Universe. *This is the essence of his claim. Later, Wright's strong connection with world renowned philosopher and former Adidam devotee Ken Wilber would result in some startling discoveries about the nature and motives of individuals who become attracted to Gurus and extreme Cultic Environments. This experience later contributed to Wright's highly-effective cult marketing techniques, including a private neuromarketing method called "Unveiling of the Diety" which is based on social engineering and cognitive dissonance creating tactics used by high-profile religious leaders, subject matter experts, policital leaders, and social activists. Nonetheless, Wright's time with the Adidam 'cult of the guru' became his absolute lesson in extremes. Wright later stated, "In all of my travels, I have never again experienced the intensity and palpability of group charisma generated by the Adidam fellowship. Hanging out with the Adidam people was by far the most neurologically seductive and intoxicating experience of my life, aside from ones that involved entheogenic plants. On the other hand, I also learned to respect the inherent dangers and potential psychological disasters awaiting those whose dopamine levels exceed their desire to integrate their hidden Meta-Beliefs."  

- Sacred Geometry and Implosion Physics with Fractal Math (1997 -1999)

(Belief System - Integrated Mathematics, Applied Quantum Physics, Recursive Mathematics, Hydrodynamic Theory, BioFeedback)

History:  Russell completed four Years of live-in study with mathematician and (self-taught) physicist Daniel E Winter. Later Russell partnered with Dan to launch The Biodome Community Experiment which lasted two years. Shortly after, Dan's work was banned in the United States after a long and difficult lawsuit with the Meru Foundation. Formal Required Legal Disclaimer: Please note that Dan Winter's work is currently banned in the United States. You will need to visit offshore websites in order to read about and grasp the full impact of his work in phase conjugation.

- Terence Mckenna (1999) 

(Informal studies, Boulder Colorado) DMT research, Entheogenic plant studies, Novelty Theory, Morphic Resonance Theory.

History: Wright states, "I spent a lot of time in Terence McKenna's cabin in Boulder Colorado. If I were to give you the details of what happened in this little room I would have to charge you admission. Perhaps we should limit the discussion to how it influenced my thinking, for better or worse. Please see related wiki entries:

Please See: Novelty Theory

- Vipassana Meditation (1995)

Instructor: S.N. Goenka, Belief System: Theravada Buddhism

History: In 1995 Russell attended a ten day silent meditation at S.N Goenka's Shelburne Falls retreat center. This was the first time Russell had ever shut his mouth for very long periods of time. Upon completion, he vowed never to attend a silent meditation again. Even so, S.N. Goenka's words of wisdom in regards to compassion and self-observation obviously made an impression because they were often quoted in Wright's later works.

"When one experiences truth, the madness of finding fault with others disappears."  - S.N Goenka(30th January, 1924 - 29th September, 2013)

- Endeavor Academy (2000 - 2008)

Instructor Charles Anderson, Belief System: Gnostic Christianity, ACIM   

(Aka Master Teacher) Wright's direct participation in a ten year long mind training experiment makes him uniquely qualified as a cult-deprogrammer and/or cult-creator (mind control expert).

Charles B Anderson was the chief commanding officer of the EA organization which acted as a platform for a 300 person social experiment until Mr. Anderson's death in 2008. The EA social experiment was (more or less) disbanded in 2013. During this Forum Russell was exposed to some of the most powerful mind control techniques, manipulations, and methods ever concealed. His time with Mr. Anderson marked the end of Russell's 'total immersion' study of mind control masters and mind cults discussed later on this page. Ultimately it would be Charles B. Anderson that encouraged Russell to always "step beyond" the limitation of whichever thought-system contained him.

- Indigenous Ceremonies and Shamanic Plant Studies (2010 - 2011) - Kauai Hawaii,

Instructors included Chandra Porter of Sonco Via , Gary Mack of Real Kava, and several others. Belief System: Andean Shamansim, Huna Shamanism.

Russell Wright's Official Statement of Opinion About The Use of Hallucinogenic and/or Psychedelic Plants for the Purposes of Vision Quest and/or Spiritual Enlightenment:

During his time in Kauai, Wright completed the final phase of his life's research associated with psychedelic and entheogenic plant substances. After a lifetime of self-research and observation, he was able to draw conclusions about the use of plant substances in the context of tribal group ceremony and ritual. One conclusion, not often embraced by shamanic fundamentalism, is that every mind altering psychedelic biotechnology affects the brain uniquely. In Wright's observation of groups claiming spiritual enlightenment via the auspices of entheogenic plants, certain behavioral and social patterns emerged as constants. Although Wright's experiences and insights into this topic are the subject of a much larger formal paper, here we provide a snippet summary of his conclusions and meta-beliefs:

"People tend to believe whatever is convenient at any given moment in time.

For a true modern shaman, this frailty of human belief and blind spot of perception -  is utterly obvious. And he is profoundly aware of this weakness within himself.

He remains vigilant about his day-to-day assumptions. Constantly. 

And. When interacting and dealing with other human beings, he has compassion for them in this regard.

Because of his insight into "The Great Human Blind Spot", the true shaman does not get caught up in typical human social limitations and/or the superficial epistemological arguments of most academicians. 

Instead, the modern shaman tends to occupy his own existential blindspot more consistently than the layman. He is more flexible in his Metabelief and this affords a kind of gifted insight.

Throughout history, the "wise-ones" have lived in this state of Transcendence (i.e. MetaFaith), and it gave them (what appeared to be) almost magical abilities to predict the future.

Clinical and scientific insight about this "magical state" of self-actualization is being revealed today in new ways within the discipline of Cognitive Neuroscience. I like to promote the word NeuroTheology when merging disciplines on this front. 

There are, however, exceedingly few "fully-grown" shaman, kahunas and siddhas in the world today. (I am not claiming to be one, and anyone who makes such a claim should probably be viewed with suspicion.)

After many years of observing and interacting with several self-proclaimed shaman and after participating in many would-be "enlightened" entheogenic plant rituals, as well as observing myself under the influence of extreme mind altering drugs like DMT and ayahuasca, I have discovered that these socially engineered plant-doctored environments are seldom "Special".

These (oft-pretentious) shamanic circles seldom transcend the simple influence of very ordinary social engineering and "plain-old" power-pecking-orders of alpha-beta drives for genetic dominance. (In other words, most circles are a play for power over the participants by the would-be shaman.) Such mind-altering environments are not transcendent by default, unless 'I' am already transcendent by default. Further, in my observation, the truly remarkable healers and psychedelic shaman that are sincerely beyond such child's play . . .  did not "arrive" at their transcendent state through the use of psychchedelic substances . . . they were "already there". That is, they were authentically "sweet and kind" people before they ever "drank the venom". They brought their kindness and love to the table, and the additional herbs and spices were merely seasonings for their already pleasant character. 

It is for this reason that I claim to have completed my journey with psychedelics and no longer recommend or advocate shamanic substances as a path to freedom. Please understand that I respect and appreciate all indigenous paths, herbs and ceremonies. I simply do not acknowledge them as liberating by default.  An exception may be Ibogaine for Meth and Heroin addicts, but only under extreme and precise guidance of a shaman or doctor who is "an authentically sweet person". I also reserve the right to change both my mind and my belief at any time - and without warning." 

- Russell Wright 2013, Epimemetics Article, "The Politics of Ecstasy"

Also See Technology Shamansim

In regards to this, Wright states, "I would like to express gratitude to Terence McKenna, Jay Weidner and Sharon Rose (The Last Avatar), Dr. Rick Straussman's personal correspondence (Book: The Spirit Molecule), Graham Hancock (Gaiam conference 1998), John Anthony West (Gaiam conference 1998), Chandra Porter, and Gary Mack for their unique insight into entheogenic plant shamanism (2011-2013). All of these people have strong memetic influences on the sculpting (and ongoing evolution of) concepts such as technology shamanism and Epimemetics Meta-Philosophy."

Quotes By (Tech Inventor) Russell Wright

"I really hope that the human race stops confusing 'belief' with imagination. The later is required . . . the former . . . not-so-much."

- Russell Wright 

"The eyeball cannot see Itself. You need a mirror. But the mirror cannot see anything at all. You need a ''Meta-Mirror."

- Russell Wright

Russell Wright's Personal Ambitions and Intentions:

Russell Wright prefers to be known as the founder of Epimemetic Theory: a collaborative science and philosophy that provides a Meta-Map for The Brilliant Future and Destiny of The Human Race)

Current Activities and Global Projects:

Cognitive Blind Spot Detection and Oversight for Business and Personal Success: 

Russell Wright is an inventor, entrepreneur, and thought-leader currently specializing in helping people escape from the Mind Prison generated by biological and cognitive blinds spots experienced by almost all human beings.

Please see for an archived few of clinically acknowledged blind spots.

These blind spots are inherent in all human brains and are part of being human. Such blind spots are reinforced collectively via global value systems dominated by Motivation 1.0 and Motivation 2.0. Russell's current project is the development of the NeuroFreedom technology. The goal of the NeuroFreedom system is to assist in the creation of a Global Cooperative that assists the species in a collective jump from Motivation 2.0 to a Motivation 3.0 value system. These clinically acknowledged motivational states were recently brought to the forefront of the Positive Psychology movement by Daniel Pink in his ground breaking book Drive.

Self limiting views are almost always a result of poor brain wiring- or even limited brain evolution. Most people are badly taught. Self defeating and depressing cognitive blind spots remain hidden to most. This is why they are called "blind spots".


Human beings are almost never able to remove cognitive blind spots or change addictive behaviors with sheer will power alone.

The use of "positive affirmations, mantras, wishful thinking, or prayer" seldom result in profound and permanent emotional change. This is not necessarily because these methods cannot work, but because they are usually abandoned before they result in any true happiness or satisfaction. (One of the rootkit human blindspots is a failure to understand the difference between happiness and satisfaction.)  It is human nature to give up on something if it does not provide quick results, or if one cannot perceive that the method is working. (This is another blind spot). As a result of giving up (which is a common symptom of depression), there is seldom enough time for the body and Reptilian brain to become rewired using affirmations, prayer and mantras. Subsequently, many people require extended discipline with a Zen Master, Guru or psychotherapy for years (not weeks) in order for any new and profound emotional habits to stabilize. (Russell's own resume includes over a decade of practicing various mind-training programs in monastic environments. During this time, the intricacies of self-sabotage and Cosmic Dissonance became self evident).

It is mostly trauma or prolonged exposure to new experiences and/or 'habits of thought" that will cause new "grooves" to be etched and hard-wired into the human brain. Only then, will permanent behavioral changes (along with uplifting emotions and self-confidence) become evident and unshakable.

Since most blind spots are limitations hardwired into the physical brain, the previously mentioned methods (affirmations, positive thoughts and prayer) seldom move enough emotional energy to create new neuroplastic patterns. As a result, human behavior patterns, emotional tendencies and negative beliefs will not change. The biggest blind spot in the human brain (and Being) is a tendency towards permanent Cognitive dissonance.

Russell's current business training program in development is called "NeuroFreedom." The NF Meta Mirror Box (MMB) technology is based on recent clinically proven breakthroughs in neuroscience and neuroplasticity. The technology is being developed based on the work of Mark Evan Furman, a primary authority in the world of cognitive neuroscience as well as the next-action principles of efficiency expert David Allen of Allen Co.

The NeuroFreedom MMB System is likely to impact the way people think about "how to think" for many decades to come.

Russell Wright: Professional Speaker

As a "Human Evolution Catalyst" (HEC) Russell's primary work with clients in the business coaching sector, is to provide meta-tools and planning methods that help people "get wired" for both business and life. 

In order to rewire the brain, a person must visually and physically "see and re-cognnize" their own mental blockages and life patterns." When this re-cognition occurs, it will physically change the self-defeating Mental grooves etched into the brain.

A method called Neuroprinting (invented by Mark Furman) is one of the tools used to make this possible. This meta-mirror (Meta Mirror Box) NeuroFreedom technology helps the "eyeball to see itself." Russell provides clients with a high altitude view of their life and/or business strategy. The root of Russell's work with clients is to demonstrate the absolute joy of thinking vertizontally. Vertizontal thinking and ultimately the transcendence of all thinking (and doing) is the ultimate outcome of the NeuroFreedom work.

Russell Wright: Co-Inventor of Theme Zoom

Russell Wright is the co-founder of Theme Zoom LLC which is a technology company that specializes in natural language processing and online data analysis. He is a former search engine optimization auditor, and co-inventor of the Theme Zoom (Krakken) Search Engine Marketing tool.

This tool was founded on Russell's early proprietary keyword reporting system with its "9 different keyword types" and has evolved from this system into Krakken. This keyword system is designed to unveil the unique keyword fingerprint of your website that will assist you in dominating your niche at a high level.

Russell began his marketing career as an Avid ™ video editor in 1997 and was one of the founding members of Gaiam Inc, now a multimillion dollar empire.

In 2000, Russell began his research into behavioral marketing (psychological persuasion) and its effect on decision making and the reptilian brain. This area of research has become popularly known as Neuromarketing, and essentially studies methods and techniques that can be used to more effectively push the "buy button" in the brains of prospects and customers. In the early years, Russell applied the knowledge gleaned from Neuromarketing as an internet marketer.

Russell’s brand building and marketing strategy has shifted away from manipulative marketing techniques and now incorporates a necessary blend of neuroeconomics, social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. This multi-disciplined approach to intrinsic happiness has recently been called “positive psychology”. Now, with social media penetrating many aspects of our lives (coupled with a decreased cultural tolerance for irrelevant marketing interruptions) positive psychology strategies can benefit the SEO/SEM industry. This is because social media technology has changed the way even search engines weigh social value.

Russell, as a professional speaker, presents the search engine story in a way that both technical and non-technical audiences will enjoy. He takes a top-down philosophical and cognitive approach when speaking about search engine marketing and technology. An experienced communicator and storyteller, his goal is to promote a perspective that tends to intrigue the average listener.

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