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About Russell Wright (The Software Inventor, SEO Expert, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur)

Russell Wright on Mendely Research: Google Patent Research

Quotes by Russell Wright

"It's Magic Till Science. Then it's Magic Again." -Russell Wright

"It's Memes, Memes, Memes - All The Way Down!" - Russell Wright

"I really hope that the human race stops confusing 'belief' with imagination. The later is required, the former not-so-much."  - Russell Wright

A Short History of Russell Wright

Russell Wright is an entrepreneur, futurist, inventor, neuromarketing copywriter, and postmodern technology shaman.

Successful Technology Start-ups and Companies Co-founded by Russell Wright:

Theme Zoom LLC (Software company founded with ex-military programmer Sue Bell, Theme Zoom is the umbrella company for a language and keyword research software tool called TLKT and a Vertical Online Market Analysis Tool called Krakken VOMA. This company was founded in 2006 with zero investment capital and was cash flow positive that same year. *Revised: TLKT is now called Killer Keyword Tool by Network Empire.

Network Empire LLC (Software company founded in 2011 with Sue Bell and Matt Da Cruz

S & R Consulting Group
(Software and SEO Technology Consulting Company founded in 2014 with software architect Sue Bell and algorithm expert Jimmy Kelley. The first software developed by S and R is called WP Social Explosion)

Hard Technology (Software) Co-Invented By Russell Wright

Please see the SEO and Marketing Software List: 

Enterprise Software and WP Themes and Plugins

You may have access to all of these software applications with your Network Empire Subscription

Enterprise SEO and Marketing Software co-invented by Russell Wright:

Krakken Research Software - The Vertical Online Market Analysis and Research Software

Keywords by Network Empire - Formerly Called TLKT

Painfinder Software - the Market Research and Headline Discovery Software

DWS and SEO Silo Builder - The Custom SEO Blueprints Software

SEO and Marketing WordPress Plugins co-invented by Russell Wright:

Simple SEO Silo Plugin – A Free WP Plugin

Deep Silo WordPress Plugin

Video Krakken Plugin

Social Explosion WP Plugin

OneFeed Super Charger

Co-Developed and Hosted Network Empire Training

Certification Level Coaching Courses:

CLC 1: Researching, Planning, Building, and Optimizing Your SEO Silo Money Sites

CLC 2: Kickstarting Massive Traffic and Conversion

CLC 3: Automatic Video Traffic

CLC 4: Automatic RSS Content Broadcasting

CLC 5: Domain Authority Stacking

Advanced Training Courses:

AT1 – Semantic Web Training

AT2 – Traffic Hospital – Panda and Penguin Recovery Training

AT3 – GSA SEO Software Training

AT4 – Local Leads Empire

Membership Courses:

Introduction to Premium Content Curation

Quora Crusher Magnetic Content Creation Curation and Syndication System

5-Iframe Punch

OneFeed Automated RSS Distribution System

Complete list of Network Empire Training

Live Certification Events by Network Empire

Lecturer for Network Empire Live Certification Training (Formerly Theme Zoom Certification): 

For more information on this advanced training, please visit the Theme Zoom Certification Website. 

Live Student Groups Trained in Digital Marketing, SEO and Internet Marketing

Image:2015-09-20 2031.png

2014 Live Certification

Image:2016-09-20 2030.png

2015 Live Certification

2016 Live Certification

Russell Wright Investor Relations - Press Relations

Investors, please contact the Epimemetic LLC main office to inquire about inventions and potential joint ventures at 608-844-4301

When contacting us, please refer one of the following major projects, so that we may assist you more quickly

As a "Human Evolution Catalyst" (HEC) Russell's primary work with clients in the business coaching sector, is to provide meta-tools and planning methods that help people "get wired" for both business and life. 

In order to rewire the brain, a person must visually and physically "see and re-cognnize" their own mental blockages and life patterns." When this re-cognition occurs, it will physically change the self-defeating Mental grooves etched into the brain.

Russell Wright is the co-founder of Theme Zoom LLC which is a technology company that specializes in natural language processing and online data analysis. He is a former search engine optimization auditor, and co-inventor of the Theme Zoom (Krakken) Search Engine Marketing tool.

This tool was founded on Russell's early proprietary keyword reporting system with its "9 different keyword types" and has evolved from this system into Krakken. This keyword system is designed to unveil the unique keyword fingerprint of your website that will assist you in dominating your niche at a high level.

Russell began his marketing career as an Avid ™ video editor in 1997 and was one of the founding members of Gaiam Inc, now a multimillion dollar empire.

In 2000, Russell began his research into behavioral marketing (psychological persuasion) and its effect on decision making and the reptilian brain. This area of research has become popularly known as Neuromarketing, and essentially studies methods and techniques that can be used to more effectively push the "buy button" in the brains of prospects and customers. In the early years, Russell applied the knowledge gleaned from Neuromarketing as an internet marketer.

Russell Wright's brand building and marketing strategy has shifted away from manipulative marketing techniques and now incorporates a necessary blend of neuroeconomics, storytelling, social psychology and cognitive neuroscience. This multi-disciplined approach to intrinsic happiness has recently been called “positive psychology”. Now, with social media penetrating many aspects of our lives (coupled with a decreased cultural tolerance for irrelevant marketing interruptions) positive psychology strategies can benefit the SEO/SEM industry. This is because social media technology has changed the way.

Russell, as a professional speaker, presents the search engine story in a way that both technical and non-technical audiences will enjoy. He takes a top-down philosophical and cognitive approach when speaking about search engine marketing and technology. An experienced communicator and storyteller, his goal is to promote a perspective that tends to intrigue the average listener.

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