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Common SEO Silo Error: 2nd Level Cross Linking

In this video, Theme Zoom Architect Sue Bell addresses a common SEO Website Silo Architecture Mistake


Here is the Question about 2nd Level Website Silo Architecture from a Student:

When <g class="gr_ gr_22 gr-alert gr_spell ContextualSpelling" id="22" data-gr-id="22">siloing</g> a site, should the 3rd level pages have access to the 2nd level of other silos? I have the Video Silo Builder SEO Wordpress Plugin, and this tool does not link any page of one silo to another. Is this correct. I have 2 sites that link like this: They have the different 2nd level pages all accessible from all 3rd level pages. Is it better to not have pages in one silo link to any other page in another silo?

Answer from Sue Bell and Russell Wright of Theme Zoom:

You are correct that the Video SEO Silo Plugin for Wordpress as well as the Free SEO Silo (non-video) WP Plugin create a technically correct SEO Website Silo Structures for anyone to use - even if you are not a rocket scientist. Your question about the first and second tier issues are answered in the above video. This is a common confusion, so make sure you get it right!

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