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What Is Simple Silo Builder?

The simple silo builder will create a silo structured site on your blog without any advanced technical knowledge necessary. The plugin will create all the needed infrastructure and along with the menu widget will set up the required linking structure, url settings and on-page factors that you need.

This plugin uses one tier of static pages with blog posts underneath to create a structure that will rank quickly and well.

This plugin will accept the XML blueprint output from either Krakken or Network Empire Builder to quickly create the silo pages and supporting posts.  Additionally, you can create the silo structure manually directly in the blog by adding each page one at a time - either by using the normal worpdress functionality to add pages and posts or directly into the plugin area where you can visually see the structure you are creating.

This plugin is ideal for a news style blog, WR-2 site or PBN; where as our Deep Silo Plugin is often times more ideally suited for a money blog.


It is not recommended that you use this plugin on an already established site with rankings that are important to you. In order for this plugin to function optimally the permalink structure needs to be changed from the wordpress default, and this can disrupt an existing site.

We highly recommend you make a backup of your blog before you install and activate this plugin.

By installing this plugin you agree to indemnify Network Empire LLC and hold Network Empire LLC blameless for any issues this plugin might create on your blog, it's content or your rankings.

Using Simple Silo Builder


  • a self hosted wordpress blog
  • php 5.3
  • reasonable hosting
  • You cannot have this plugin active when either the Deep Silo Builder or Video Silo Builder Plugin are active


Install this wordpress plugin as you would any other, upload it to your blog and activate.

Upon activation, the plugin will adjust your blog's permalink structure to /%category%/%postname%/

Getting Started

Once activated you will need to add the silo widget to your sidebar for the silo menu to be created automatically.

Additionally you will probably want a menu on the top or above the silo widget that will contain all of the top level silo pages.

From this point you can create your silo structure one of three ways:

1.  Through the plugin automatic upload interface,

2.  Through the manual interface or one page at a time,

3.  By creating pages and posts normally and adding them to the silo structure as you go (look for the "Silo Structure" box in the upper right side of the screen as you add pages and posts to your blog).

Best Practices

Installing Plugin on a Preexisting Site

At this time it's not recommended that you upgrade a pre-existing site to a silo structure for two reasons:

1) The plugin needs a specific permalink structure and if your site already has pages ranked, this can disrupt those rankings. If your permalink structure is already set to /%category%/%postname%/ then there won't be any problems. If it's not set to that, then you will want to add a 301 redirect from the old url to the new ones.

2) Additionally if a category already exists that is exactly the same as a silo that you want to add this will cause issues. When you create a silo in the silo plugin, it will automatically create a wp blog category with the same name. Should you have an existing wp blog category that you want to also add into your silo structure, you need to delete or rename those pre-existing categories before you add the item in the silo. plugin.

Features and Benefits

Site Structure

1. Silo Structure consisting of the home page, one level of static blog pages for the silos, with posts underneath


2. The home page remains a blog roll unless changed manually

3. Permalink structure automatically set to /%category%/%postname%/

Site Creation

1. This plugin accepts one or more website blueprints generated by Krakken and NE Silo Builder to create a properly Silo Structured site - the same blueprint can be imported multiple times and each time only new items will be added; older imported pages and posts are not updated - multiple different blueprints can be imported to make a large site

2. Advanced Import settings allow you to choose titles and slugs to be keywords, titles or headlines to better protect from panda penalties (available when importing from DWS only)

3. The plugin allows you to manually create a silo structure of pages and posts

4. Adding pages/posts manually to the silo structure allows for draft or immediate publish mode

5. There is Drag and Drop functionality for moving silos or supporting pages around

Page and Post Edit Screen Enhancements

1. You can add existing pages or posts to the silo structure on the edit page or edit post screen

2. You can update the meta title, meta description and meta keywords fields for posts on the edit posts screen

3. You can see a preview what the meta title and meta description will look like in the SERPS screen:

Menus and On-Page Inserts

1. A special sidebar widgets creates the Silo Linking Structure.

2. Sidebar menu widget options: set the title, number of links and optional thumbs;

3. On-page silo short codes include titles with links to the subordinate articles and can optionally include post article excerpts. The title of the insert is controlled on the settings tab.

4. Optionally On-page silo short codes can be automatically included on pages and posts as they are created

5. Style adjustments are available to help the widgets seamlessly fit into themes


1. Export the Silo Blueprint for clients and personal records

2. Indicates articles that are in draft mode

Behind the Scenes Features

Our plugin will detect if other SEO plugins exist and stop duplicate meta description and keywords from appearing in the head. If the other plugins already contain data for these fields, that data is copied into the fields our plugin uses in case those plugins are disabled - if you change the data in our field on a single page, it will update Yoast so that title is displayed.

Are Perpetual Plugin Upgrades Included?

Yes, you will always have access to updates of the current level of plugin development and all future point releases.

Are New Plugin Point Releases Automatically Updated in the WordPress Control Panel?

Yes. Our system automatically informs WordPress of a new release and encourages you to update to the next point release.

How Can I Join The Silo Builder Plugin Skype Group?

Contact skype user sueb_13 (That’s Sue’s username) and ask to be added to the Silo Plugin group. You don’t have to own this product in order to be part of the group.



Planned Enhancements

Change Log

Related Products

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Video Silo Builder WP Plugin - a three tier silo plugin with optional automatic addition of youtube videos and banner shortcodes

Video Krakken WP Plugin - an auto-posting plugin that includes youtube videos and banner shortcodes

Purchasing Simple Silo Builder

Simple Silo Builder is free and can be obtained here:

Help Desk

Here is the link to the Network Empire Fanatical Support Desk.

But before you contact us, you may want to visit the help file of help files.

Before you submit a help request, Please Read This First!

Before you submit a help file request, please read the rules.

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