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What Is Social Explosion?

Social Explosion is a service that can send social signals from different platforms to promote your blog posts and rss feed items. You can install a plugin into your wordpress blog to promote your content. You can also use the Dashboard to enter your RSS Feeds to promote content from any platform that generates an RSS feed.

Social Explosion currently allows you to use up to four different social platforms; twitter, pinterest, diigo and delicious to promote your content.

Once you have purchased the plugin, and received your token, you can select a subscription for a set number of promotional credits per month. These credits are used every time you submit a post either through one of your blogs or through an RSS feed.

You can select the frequency, or how often (from 1 to 4 promotions per day) and the duration or how long (from 3 up to 14 days) that you want your content promoted.

You purchase the plugin and token that can be used on any number of blogs and this will also give you access to enter an unlimited number of feeds into the dashboard.

Separately you subscribe to the appropriate package of credits. You can upgrade or downgrade this subscription at any time and have more than one subscription running concurrently.

Please note that the Paypal address used to buy the plugin/token MUST be the same one used to subscribe to the credits or our system cannot connect the two accounts properly.

Where Does This Plugin Fits Into the Network Empire Web Ring System?

Social Explosion can be used anywhere; to promote your (WR1) money blog, your (WRS1) branded social platforms, your WR2 RSS and PinVid blogs and the WRS2 social platforms.

What Are Social Explosion's Benefits?

What Will Social Explosion Do For Me?

By promoting your blog content you will increase the page authority of the individual pages and the domain authority of your blogs. By promoting your social media content that link to your blogs, you increase the page authority of that content and enhance the links to your blogs. All of this will increase your ranking factors of your social media content and blogs.

Why Doesn’t the Social Media Plugin on my Blog Register The Social Explosion Promotions?

The short answer is the Social Media Plugin only counts when the share buttons for that plugin are clicked. Social Explosion doesn’t “click” those buttons or in any other way talk to the blog plugin that shows the numbers of shares on your blog.

Here is the technical explanation for what is going on. Once installed and activated on your blog, the Social Explosion will pick up the posts that you publish on your blog and send them to the Social Explosion SAAS servers where they are processed and scheduled for promotion to the social channels you have enabled. This entire process is automatic and does not require any additional input, once a blog post is published.

This is in direct contrast to the Social Media share buttons that are commonly found on wordpress blogs. In this case, in order for a Social Media shares to be “counted” and registered on the post, the actual “Share” buttons for each post must be manually clicked on. In other words, if you want a post to show an increase in Twitter shares, the “Share to Twitter” button needs to be clicked.

Since Social Explosion communicates directly with the SAAS from the blog’s back end, it does not interact at all with the blog post’s Social Media share buttons. So even though Social Explosion parses and promotes a post multiple times, these promotions will NOT change the Social Media Share numbers shown for that blog post

How Can I Join The Social Explosion Skype Group?

Contact skype user themezoom (That’s Russell’s username) and ask him to be added to this group. You don’t have to own this product in order to be part of the group.

Can I install this on multiple blogs?

Yes. You can install this on as many blogs as you want. If you sell the blog you should remove your token ID prior to transferal or they will be able to use your subscription credits. No additional fees are needed to continue getting upgrades to the plugin.

Are New Plugin Point Releases Automatically Updated in the WordPress Admin Panel?


Does This Plugin Have A Related SAAS (Software As A Service)

Yes, the “back end” of Social Explosion is a SAAS, which means this plugin is light on your blog and many of the upgrades are done on the SAAS side, meaning you don’t have to upgrade the plugin as often.


Blog Environment: Wordpress 3.4 +, Curl, PHP 5.4.28 or higher RSS feed requirements: Has to render within 10 seconds

How Social Explosion Works

On Your Blog

First, you need to install the wp plugin on your blog and have a subscription for credits (see installing and getting started) and then what happens is that every time you save a post on your blog, that blog post is sent up to the SAAS where it is “processed”. This means it finds out if you still have credits and reads how you want to spend those credits on this blog post. Then it schedules out the promotions for the post. It will “shred” your post, sentence by sentence and when tweeting it will occasionally substitute one of the initial sentences in place of the headline, so that you have more link diversity (shredded content is occasionally used on other text based promotional platforms as well).

Images and Pinterest

Images on your blog post can be selected for Pinterest and any other platform that can post an image. If no image is available, Pinterest promotions will not be possible, regardless of your settings.

In order to have you image able to be used in a social explosion post the following are required:

1) If a featured image was selected, this will be the image used. If no featured image is available, then the first image in your post may be used.

2) Images must be jpg and png, other formats like gif will be ignored, due to certain platform requirements.

3) Your image must be added to the blog post via the add media or add featured post within the blog edit screen and must be added before you hit the publish button.

RSS Feed Submission

What happens when you submit a feed to Social Explosion is that within the first hour it attempts to read the feed. If the feed is successfully read then all of the contents will be “processed”. This means it finds out if you still have credits and reads how you want to spend those credits on each item on this feed. Then it schedules out the promotions for each item on the feed (or for as many items as it can before it runs out of credits). If there is content in the feed, then it will “shred” that content, sentence by sentence and when tweeting it will occasionally substitute one of the sentences in place of the headline, so that you have more link diversity (shredded content is occasionally used on other text based promotional platforms as well).

If your feed contains images, then these images will be used to promote on Pinterest and any other platform that can post an image. If your feed does not contain images, Pinterest promotions will not be possible, regardless of your settings.

Using Social Explosion in your Blog

Step 1 - Install Social Explosion

This video will show you the basic installation of WP Social Explosion.

Step 2 - Activate Social Explosion

This video will show you how to activate WP Social Explosion.

Step 3 - Setting The Frequency and Duration of the Blog Post Campaign From Inside the Social Explosion Plugin

This video will show you how to control the frequency and duration of your campaigns via the settings in WP Social Explosion.

Using Social Explosion Dashboard for RSS feeds and more

There are three tabs in the dashboard; RSS Feeds, Posts and Domains.

The POSTS tab provides a list of posts and has the following functions:

  • Allows for title and url search
  • Using url search you can get a client report, check if blog is posting
  • Allows you to reschedule any individual post to be repromoted using original settings

The RSS Feeds tab lists all feeds with status and last parse date;

  • can add new feeds
  • details of each feed where you can change settings, activate/deactivate,
  • view individual posts
    • individual posts shows you what snippet was promoted or is set to be promoted on a platform by platform basis
    • allows you to repromote the post

The Domains Shows displays a list of all domains currently posting articles

  • allows you to deactivate a domain

Common Billing Questions

Do I have to buy a separate social explosion plugin for each client site?

No, you can install the plugin on as many sites as you want. The plugin is tied to the subscription through the paypal email, and the subscription is used by all of the plugins with that same paypal email (the token ID). So if you want them separated out, then technically yes. However, we are moving the system more and more toward what agencies need, and an update to be able to have one token for all clients that allows more flexibility is planned.

Can I Buy Multiple Social Explosion Credit Subscriptions using the Same Paypal Email Address

Yes. The all of the subscriptions for a single paypal email address will be added together when calculating the tokens for any blog or RSS feed using the token for that Papal Address.

Can I Buy Multiple Social Explosion Subscriptions from Different Paypal Email Addresses?

Yes. However each paypal address must purchase the plugin (to get a separate token ID), and have a credit package subscription. In order to use the credits in a subscription, there must be a Token ID associated with the same paypal account.

How can I separate out the reporting for each of my clients?

You can now filter the posts promoted in the dashboard to create a report for your client.

How can I control the credit usage for each of my clients?

At the moment you have to adjust each blog individually and set each RSS feed separately (in the new control panel). However, soon, a much better solution will be available in the agency version.

Common Software Questions

Zero Tolerance for Adult Material and Foul Language

We often get asked if people can use social explosion to promote and social Adult and/or Pornographic material. The answers is no.

Here is what happens when you promote adult material and/or foul language with social explosion to the NE Social Signals Exchange Network:

We have a stop word list of foul and pornographic terms. These are "do not fly" terms. If you promote a post with one of these adult terms, it will not be published. If one of your blogs has 3 instances of an adult term contained within it, Social Explosion will stop publishing that blog altogether.

Where Can I Buy WP Social Explosion?

You may purchase WP Social Explosion at the WP Social Explosion Sales Page.

Can I Use Social Explosion On My Money Site (Not Just My Network Sites)?

Yes. Social Explosion is safe to use on your money site.

What Are Hosting Companies That Work With Social Explosion (Fully Tested)?

Here are some hosting companies customers have approached us with. Some of them have problems some of them do not. It is important to understand that a malfunctioning WordPress plug-in is not necessarily a sign of a poorly coded plug-in. When a WordPress plug-in is attempting to carry out complex tasks hosting company is required to have updated standard software Server-side. More often than not, major malfunctions within the WordPress blog environment, if not caused by a plug in conflict, are generally caused by poor hosting environments.

Hosting Companies Fly List:

The following is a list of hosting companies that have been tested to work with the social explosion plugin:

- WPEngine
- [ LiquidWeb Hosting
- CitiHost
- Hostagator
- 1&1 Shared Hosting

The following hosting companies are working to resolve Intermittent social explosion issues:

- BizBuilder Hosting (Works 90% of the time, with occasional issues. It may only be one of their servers)

Hosting Companies: No Fly List

The following is a list of hosting companies that often give you problems. Not only with Social Explosion, but with advanced plugins in general:
IPNetworx (Definitely avoid this one, we have negative reports)
- (With difficulty, people get it to work. This is a rough road)
- HostNine (Host nine works sporadically. Some Host Nine shared hosting accounts work fine with WP Social Explosion, while your other ones may not, at the same time, even thought everything is set up exactly the same.) 
- (We cannot recommend this hosting company at this time)
- Skynet Hosting (With difficulty, people get it to work. You may have to call support and have make adjustments)

Does The One Time Payment for The WP Social Explosion Plugin Work for One Blog Or Unlimited Blogs?

You may install the WP Social Explosion Plugin on an unlimited number of blogs, but you will need to answer:

1) Are you using WP Social Explosion Plugin and the NE Social Signals Exchange Network For Your Own Blog Broadcasting Network?


2) Are you using the WP Social Explosion Plugin and the NE Social Signals Exchange Network For Your Clients Blog or Blog Broadcasting Network?  

It all comes down to the tracking and reporting.

One "Metrics and Signals Reporting Token" for Every "Set-Up Package with Plugin" Purchase:

There is one metrics report for every token that you purchase, and the metrics report will report the signals and traffic from ALL of the blogs in which you install the plugin. This has been the topic of minor confusion for some customers because WP Social Explosion can be installed on unlimited blogs. But if you wish to control which blogs get metrics and reports, you will need to purchase multiple "tokens" for multiple clients.

One Token for Every Plugin Purchase:

For each purchase

When you purchase the plugin you must insert your "token" similar to a license, in order to receive your reports and traffic metrics corresponding to the blog locations you have installed the plugin with that token. 

For each plugin that you purchase, you will receive there will be only one traffic metrics report.

This means that if you are wanting granular and specific reports for specific client blogs, you will need to have one "Token" for every client.

What Does A Social Explosion Usage and Metrics Report Look Like ?:

Reporting is now available on the Posts Section of the Dashboard - this report will be enhanced in the near future, but currently looks like this:

Which SE Package Should I Buy with my PBN (Private Blog Network) Set Up?

Question: I have 20 PBN sites posting once a day on the high setting looks like it puts you in the $447 per month range. On the low setting the $97 per month package will work. I would like to know if the high setting provides enough extra benefit to justify the cost difference?

Answer: The different settings in social explosion represent a speed difference. You will eventually receive the same results on certain metrics at a low/low as you will at high/high, however there are some things that cannot be achieved at low/low. You lose a frequency factor at the lower speed that in my testing has shown greater overall DA increase.

In my social signal ranking tests I am finding a sweet spot with QDF (query deserves frequency) at 1 - 4 posts a day at high/high. Interestingly the sites ranging right around 1 post a day are trending to the top of the SERPs in my tests. I am still publishing more frequently than that due to the fact that a cumulative effect is better for Domain Authority than a single point of promotion.
Now any test site that publishes (even at low/low settings with a single post a day) is being crawled and indexed through social signals alone. Of course the sites with a higher publish and promotion rate are out ranking the others BUT even sites receiving a single social signal a day are out performing sites without them in my tests.
Remember. Domain Authority grows faster with more pages being published at a lower signal rate than less pages at a higher signal rate. There is some overlap but if I were picking out a package for my PBN I would opt for lower promotion rates over more posts rather than higher promotion rates over a single post.

However. If budget permits. Turn it all up, cackle and rub your hands together while thinking of DR. Evil.

How Do I Upgrade My Subscription from A Small Social Signals Exchange Package to a Larger Package?

Everything is tied to your paypal account. You subscribe using the same paypal as your current subscription (and cancel the old one) and your new credits will automatically be added to your account; everything is done automagically.

You can click on any of the links here:

All of the blogs where you have the token associated with that paypal account will be upgraded automatically.

Again, the main thing is to remember to CANCEL your previous subscription in Paypal or you will be billed for both.

May I Use Social Explosion on Foreign Websites? (French, German, etc)

It’s not advised to use Social Explosion on foreign sites. At this time we do not match the language on your website to the language of the social accounts on the Network Empire Social Signal Exchange Network. This means you will get the DA (Domain Authority and trust) from the Social Explosion backlinks over time, but probably less traffic since users will not understand the language being used. This will lower your click through rate.


We do NOT allow adult content and/or material on the Network Empire Social Signals Exchange Network, and you should not install social explosion on adult or pornographic websites. Your account will be disabled when we discover them, which we always do.

Technical Installation Help Questions:

My SE Plugin Is Not Active. Why?

The plugin will not show as "Active Subscription" under the following conditions:

- You have not placed the correct email in the USERNAME field.

- If you have not yet purchased a Social Explosion Subscription.

If I Have the SE Plugin Installed In Multiple WP Blogs, Will They All Activate At Once After I Buy Credits?

Yes! And you need to be aware of this.

If you install the SE plugin on 20 blogs, and then you "enable" the services on each one of the blogs, if you have not purchased a subscription, they will all show as "not active". You can still enter you license into the plugin without having a subscription. (A subscription to autopost your blog posts requires a separate subscription.)

WARNING: If you have everything set up (like above) on several blog, all blogs will auto-activate the moment your paypal subscription activates. You do NOT need to login to each blog and activate the subscription. This can cause problems if you are using auto-blogging software, because you may assume that you are not using credits. You will be.

If you wish to avoid this situation, make sure that the SE plugin has the services set to "disabled" until you are ready to start using up credits. 

If your website is still in development, and you are not ready to start getting backlinks and traffic, don't activate it because it will publish as soon as you press the publish button for the post.

Social Signal Exchange and Subscription Questions:

What Is The 'Social Signal Exchange' To Which WP Social Explosion Publishes?

The Network Empire Social Signal Exchange simply refers to the massive community of Social Accounts and bookmarking accounts with real follower and users. Many of these profiles/accounts are several years old and have strong social authority. When you publish a blog post, your post will be syndicated in the form of the Title and later, the top 3 to 12 sentences on the same blog post depending upon the frequency and duration of your campaign settings. Please see (below) the list of social media platforms currently a part of the Social Signal Exchange and utilized by WP Social Explosion:

What Are The Current Social Media Platforms and Services Active In The Social Media Signal Exchange?

Active Services:





Coming Soon:




If My Subscription Runs Out Of Monthly Credits, and My Blog Is Still Posting, Will Those Posts Still Be Scheduled for When My Monthly Credits Renew?

Answer: Currently, social explosion does not scheduled posts when your subscription has expired, or has run out of monthly credits. You must make sure that you have purchased enough credits for your posts to be Warning: one of the most common reasons for social explosion users to run out of credits too soon, is they turn their settings on high and high.

Please remember, high and high can use up to 50 credits per post, costing you anywhere between $.90 and $1.40 per post depending upon your frequency. We strongly recommend if you have large number of blogs, or you are using social explosion for PinVid sites, you'll probably want to use either the low or medium settings. Please see the graphic chart below.scheduled. Further, there is currently no way to schedule missed posts unless you republished them manually after you have renewed your monthly credits.

Can I Control to Which Social Sharing Sites the Signals Go?

Yes, you can turn off one social signal (like pinterest) and dedicate and drive all of your signals to whichever social platforms and domains are currently available via WP Social Explosion. As mentioned in the previous question, we will be adding more social signals every month.

I Am Still Not Sure What Social Explosion Does or How One Would Use It. Can You Please Explain It More Simply?

Expanded Question:

Wanted to ask a question about the new 'Social Explosion'.

I have watched the videos and I am still not 100% sure what it does or more, how one would use it?

My little understanding if correct is this;

It posts content (headline and chunks) , i get that, and posts it to twitter, FB, etc from what is on one's Blog.

But here is where my head goes blank...

It has categories where you can post to the various categories (*mentioned later in this help file)

But where are the posts delivered to inside of Pinterest, Twitter, Diigo, etc?

My thought was, and this is what I would like it to be able to do, if it does not already, is to have the ability to post not to sports, but to bronco's team inside of the sports niche and even down to a specific player on Twitter/FB etc.

Please can you shed some light on this for me?


Full Answer from Network Empire:

Let's start with the last part of your question and move forward.

1. How Granular Is the Social Explosion Category Targeting? Posting directly to the name of a player rather than to the general "SPORTS" category is not something WP Social Explosion currently does. This is mostly because it would greatly limit the number of locations you could post, and we have found that general categories are enough to get you the clicks you need on a regular basis, at least when your frequency and duration settings are set to "Medium" or "High". You may want to test these settings yourself. The bottom line is that getting overly granular when targeting micro-niches in social media has a diminishing return when sending social signals on a large scale. It is possible that we will try to get sub-categories involved at a later date, for instance, under Sports we could have "football". At this time, we do not have that feature.

2. Where Are The Posts to Be Delivered Inside of Twitter, Pinterest and Other Social Platforms? They are tweeted like any tweet, and posted like any post - with a trackable link back to your site. WP Explosion helps you track the results it provides! The difference is that during a WP Social Explosion "Campaign" several "broadcasts" will come from the same article as the article will be "Shredded". This means that the top few sentences in the top paragraph of your post will be scraped from your article and "Tweeted, Pinned, and Syndicated". We call this "Social Shredding" and will work with almost any type of content, but is best used with the Network Empire Proprietary Painkiller Article Method or PAM. Network Empire Private Members can learn this method inside the private members area under the Article-DNA and Video-DNA section. This is all a part of the proprietary Network Empire Stackable Theme-to-Keyword-To-Persuasion Architecture and Social Signal System. But wait!!! You do NOT need to know any of this technical mumbo jumbo in order to use WP Social Explosion and the NE Social Signal Exchange System. It is information you can use later on of you so choose.

How Do I Choose A Monthly Subscription Level for WP Social Explosion and the NE Social Exchange Network?

There are many subscription levels that you can choose between, and something at an affordable price for everyone!

Please see the current NE Social Signals Exchange Monthly Price Grid and watch the video below designed to help you make a choice.

What Am I Subscribing To When I Purchase My Subscription?

You are subscribing to the NE Social Signals Exchange Network.

Can I Send Social Signal To My Own Social Accounts?

Yes. Within social explosion, you do have access to publish to one secondary "manual" account for each social platform allowed within the Social Explosion Social Signals Exchange Network. For most, this is a secondary use for the application. There are many other WP plugins that accomplish the same thing but do not offer access to our massive network of social accounts and updates. Nonetheless, we offer these for your convenience.

How Do I Find My Pinterest Board for the Secondary Publication Feature (To My Own Pinterest Board)?

You can look at the source code of your Pinterest board, which is a real pain. Or you can use this simple Pinterest board ID finding service to enter the link of your board. If still functional, it will automatically give you the board ID. Copy and past the board ID into your Social Explosion secondary Pinterest fields.

Setting Up Blog Post Campaigns, Frequency and Duration:

What Is The Social Explosion Social Signals Calculator?

The social explosion social signals calculator is a widget-based calculator that removes the difficult math when deciding which Social Explosion Signals monthly package you should purchase for your project. You can play with this calculator here.

See the video here:

How Does the Campaign Frequency and Campaign Duration Determine the Effectiveness of WP Social Explosion?

First please the video below along with the images beneath the video. This should give you a better idea of how WP Social Explosion modulates your social signals.

How Long and How Many Times Will My Blog Post Be Promoted?

Twitter Frequency & Duration Settings
Duration - How Long Each Post is Promoted:

Low = 2-4 Days
Medium = 6-8 Days
High = 12-15 Days

Frequency Per Each Post

Low 1x per day (once every 23-25 hours)
Medium 2x per day (once every 11-13 hours)
High 4x per day (every 5-7 hours)

Pinterest Frequency & Duration Settings

Low (1-3 Days)
Medium (3-5 Days)
High (6-8 Days)

Low (every 11-13 hours)
Medium (every 5-7 hours)
High (every 2-4 hours)

How Do I Calculate the Credits Used By the RSS Feed Promoter in Social Explosion?

The major note is that Social Explosion will parse all URL's on your RSS file and set them up for promotion, each like any other blog post. This can use a LOT of social explosion credits up during the initial push, so please watch the video below that explains what to watch for. The big issue is that some RSS feeds are set to reveal 100 or more URL's on the XML file, while others are only set to 2 or 3. Make sure you know how many URL's are listed on the RSS feed that you wish to promote BEFORE you submit the RSS to the Social Explosion RSS promoter:

Which Social Explosion Subscription (Social Signals Exchange) Is Best for 10 Blogs at 1 Article Per Week As Well As 10 Additional Blogs That I Post 1 Article Per Month?

Answer: I'm calculating that you are talking about roughly 50 posts per month between the 20 blogs.

If you want to go with high/high settings, you'll need 2800 social signals/month and to cover that you would need the $97 "Pro Biz Blogger package" (56 signals / post)

If you want to cover them with the medium/medium settings than the "small biz blogger" $30/month would be enough. (14 signals / post)

Given the fact that you don't blog very often, the medium settings might look more realistic. If, however, you have content that normally draws good traffic, then I would go with the more aggressive settings.

Please review the complete Social Signal Exchange Subscription Price Grid

Important! Social Explosion Social Signals Calculator!

Is It Possible to Install Social Explosion On One Domain and Move It To Another Simply to Kick Start The Social Signals For An Individual Blog?

Yes, absolutely - in fact you can install it on as many domains concurrently as you want - but you'll split your social signals out over all of the ones that are active.

How Do I Set My Twitter API Key Settings for Social Explosion?

You will need to go to and follow the instructions in the below video:


What Are The Social Signal Exchange Categories Published To From The WP Social Explosion Plugin?

Below in bold are the Categories you will find in the plugin - we provided examples of what might fall into some of those categories

Entertainment & Lifestyle

  • Movie
  • Music
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Wine
  • Celebrity Gossip
  • Shopping


  • Photography
  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Gaming
  • Car

Websites & Online Marketing

  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Site Design

Pets & Animals

Home & Garden

Computers & Electronics

Science & Technology

  • Computers
  • Robotics
  • Mechanics

Money & Finance

  • Economics (money)

Business & Marketing

  • Law

Fashion & Beauty

  • Wedding

Career & Education

  • University

Health & Wellness

  • Fitness
  • Parenting
  • Medical

Green & Sustainable

Political, Government & History

Real Estate



All / Varied / other

Social Explosion and Video Krakken Together?

What Are Best Practices for SEO using Video Krakken and Social Explosion Together:

Q: The content on each vkrakken post that is made and then syndicated via social explosion . . . should I be linking from each post back to the root/ other main domain, maybe via a image or something similar. I want to try and ensure I am maximizing my on-page optimization for the content being created by vkrakken.

Kevin Polley Answer:

Hi David,

Q: Should I be linking from each post back to the root/ other main domain, maybe via a image or something similar. I want to try and ensure I am maximizing my on-page optimization for the content being created by vkrakken.

A: While is understand how this may seem like a simple question it is in fact quite complex. We do not know your business model or how you plan to use VKrakken as part of your promotional efforts and if we did we would be providing full business consultation.

Within the members area we provide a basic track for members to follow which outlines how to build out your golden frame and social sites. In our technical certification classes we explain how to then expand on the basics to give your site(s) lift.

At this stage the questions you need to be asking yourself are a) is this site your money site and b) if this site is a promotional site, what is it promoting and how to I get visitors from this site to my money site.

SE will promote every post made by VKrakken and the site, over time and based on your frequency of publish attract visitors. If you utilize a good structure to your site your visitors will find lots of similar content. By default there will be a link to your home page on every other page so the question remains, what are you selling, where are you selling it how do you want to get your visitors into your sales funnel.

For further help please ask in the skype group. The people there are an awesome bunch and more than happy to help give you more suggestions and advice based on what they have already learnt and implemented.

Kindest Regards

Kevin Polley

Common Questions - Random:

Why is the RSS feed in Social Explosion not working?

This article supplements the Social Explosion RSS help file relating in particular to the RSS FAQ's
Regardless of how many instances of Social Explosion (SE) you have installed and operational on multiple blogs, you can only have ONE active RSS feed.

If you add another feed to another installation of SE the previous feed will automatically be made inactive by our system. The original feed will still appear in the Account Settings screen of the original blog but even if you have the various social feeds marked as Enabled they are in fact Disabled.

The first time you add an RSS feed to SE our system pre-schedules the feed to be added for inclusion for scheduling. Depending on demand this pre-scheduling can take up to 24 hours. Once the Feed is scheduled the posts within that feed can then be processed and the posts are scheduled for promotion.

If you add or update a new feed (on any of your SE installations), the 'old' active feed is immediately disabled and a new process of pre-scheduling for the new feed begins. Depending on demand, this process can take up to 48 hours before your RSS posts in the new feed start promoting.

Pressing the 'Save Changes' button on the Main Account Settings page activates the the feed in that blog. If after 48 hours you are not seeing RSS promotions press the 'Save Changes' button again to activate the feed. Then wait, patience in this case pays dividends.

See the complete article here.

Does WP Social Explosion "Google Plus One" (+1) Your Posts?

No. We have not found that plus one-ing articles and posts have a clear return on investment at any level. If we are able to prove in our testing that this is an important social signal, we will let you know and add it to WP Social Explosion.

Does WP Social Explosion Publish WordPress Pages?

Right now the best way to do this is to use a plugin that will include your pages in your RSS feed, such as this one: Then you can turn off the promotions for normal posting of your blog and put your blog's feed into the feed option of Social Explosion, and set the appropriate promotions for the feed. In this way both your pages and posts will be promoted by social explosion.

Does SE Stop Syndicating When RSS Feed Is Used?

If I Have More Questions About WP Social Explosion or the NE Social Signal Exchange, How Can I Reach the Help Desk?

You may visit our Fanatical Support Help Desk by going here.

Social Explosion Change Logs

Current Version of WP Social Explosion Should Be: 2.1.0

Adjusted plugin for Social Explosion 2.0;

1) Removed the RSS Feed functionality within the plugin as this is now more effectively utilized from the Dashboard.

2) Removed the features allowing you to enter your own social accounts.

3) Removed obsolete iframes and replaced help tab with a button.

4) Removed reporting options as this feature is more enhanced and better utilized on the Dashboard.

WP Social Explosion Version 2.0.9 Change Log:

Adjusted the theme categories assigned to blog

WP Social Explosion Version 2.0.8 Change Log:

  • Please make sure you have upgraded to version 2.0.8.

- Fixed an error with the plugin where the user would turn a social platform from on to off but the new posts would continue with the old promotional settings

WP Social Explosion Version 2.0.7 Change Log:

- Fixed and error that prevented some posts from publishing

WP Social Explosion Version 2.0.6 Change Log:

- Added RSS capability

Please see the complete video about this amazing new feature with SEO expert Jimmy Kelley:

WP Social Explosion Version 2.0.5 Change Log:

- Not publicly released

WP Social Explosion Version 2.0.4 Change Log:

- Future plugin updates will automatically be pushed to your WordPress blog.
- Social Explosion now posts WordPress Featured Image to Pinterest Accounts contained on the NE Social Signal Exchange Network.
- Social Explosion will post the image in your WYSIWYG editor, if present, to Pinterest Accounts contained on the NE Social Signal Exchange Network.
- Additional (personal) account can be added to Twitter setting, and will post to your personal twitter account.
- Additional (personal) account can be added to Pinterest setting, and will post to your personal Pinterest account.
- Additional (personal) account can be added Diigo setting, and will post to your personal Diigo account.
- Additional (personal) account can be added to Delicious setting, and will post to your personal Delicious account.
- The NE Social signal exchange network has grown massively, and therefore you posting is getting even more reach.
- Your unused credits will rollover (more efficiently) from month to month.
- You will receive email notification when you are about to run out of credits so that you can 1) purchase additional credits or 2) purchase additional credit accounts of any size.
- Social Explosion Plugin license holders may now have as many recurring subscriptions tied to a license (for whatever reason you may wish to do this).

Update on what has NOT changed in 2.0.4:

- Multi-Client Enterprise management functions are not integrated into a single license of social explosion:
1. Many customers are trying to use a single Social Explosion license in order to manage multiple client blogs. This is usually not a good idea. In the current version of Social Explosion, the Social Explosion reporting module will (simultaneously) reveal reporting (including scheduling ) for any blogs in which the SE license has been installed.
2. It can be problematic, therefore, to use a single license for multiple clients, because if clients have access to their blogs, they will see report scheduling for blogs of your other clients.
3. Additionally, clients could see PBN blogs and other sites that you would prefer to remain private.
4. Yes, there is an Client-Management version of SE in the works, and we are not able to provide you with a certain date of arrival.
5. In the current version, of you are managing multiple client blogs, your best bet is for each one of your clients to have their own unique Social Explosion license.

WP Social Explosion Plugin Version 2.0 Change Log

The current version of WP Social Explosion, should be 2.0. During the early prototype of WP Social Explosion 2.0, you were required to delete any installed version of social explosion and manually add the new version 2.0. Hopefully, this has been updated to automatically push to your blog by the time you read this. But to be sure, if you are using any social explosion plug-in versions prior to version 2.0, you may want to delete the previous version and install WP social explosion manually.

WP Social Explosion version 2.0 updates:

  • Enhanced reporting module added which includes recently added social media and bookmarking services that will create both backlinks and traffic to your blog.
  • Pinterest added and fully functional. (You must have images on the post in order for this to work.)
  • Diigo added and fully functional.
  • Delicious added and fully functional.
  • If for some reason a post fails to publish to the network, the social explosion system will retry your post until it successfully syndicates. It will then show up in your reporting module and successfully syndicated.

WP Social Explosion Wish List and Developmental Plans:

The features below are either in development or have already occurred:

Add additional reporting email
Multi-Paypal Support for Agencies
Delicious, Digg, Diigo, tumbler, stumbleupon, google bookmarks Support
Add Gambling and Pharma Categories
Title + Image Only Signals The current version of WP Social Explosion, should be 2.0. During the early prototype of WP Social Explosion, you were required to delete any installed version of social explosion and manually add the new version 2.0. Hopefully, this has been updated by the time you read this. But to be sure if you are using any social explosion plug-in versions prior to version 2.0, you may want to delete the previous version and install WP social explosion manually.
Home page promo
Weight Posts to title
Randomization Factor
Non-promotional Content Posts
users get one time social credits when adding their accounts if:
- not an egg
- have followers
- specify a category (not 'other')
Break Out Additional Account from Payment Tokenization to allow free pins and tweets.
Add Gambling and Pharma Categories
Legal Regarding Disallowed Content Types
Domain Authority (social) Hubs to Add
Foreign Language Account Support
Permitted Category/Categories
How many posts promoted for each site
Geo Targeted Accounts

Feature Request From Social Explosion Users:

Under Consideration: 

- I'd love to see the ability to allocate credits among sites with the same plugin license. For example, site A gets 40 credits a month and site B gets 100 and site C get 75.

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