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Who is Software Architect Sue Bell?

The Ex-Military Programmer, Software Architect and SEO Dominatrix whose long-term, unwavering vision built our enterprise software suite. Everyone in the industry said "Couldn't Be Done" but she doesn’t take “it’s impossible” for an answer. She did it anyway. Krakken, TLKT, Painfinder DWS NE Silo Builder, V-Silo SEO Plugin to name only a few.

Companies Founded by Sue Bell

She is the founder and CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Semantic Revolution. As the co-creator and mastermind behind Theme Zoom’s ‘Krakken’ Search Engine Marketing Tool and The Last Keyword Tool, she also played a significant role in the creation of Domain Web Studio (DWS).

A key innovation created by Sue Bell was the TRI (Theme Relevance Indexing) formula which made it possible to use basic latent semantic indexing principles without downloading the entire internet as a document.

Sue Bell is a former software architect and contractor for the DOD (Department of Defense). She had a massive team of programmers working for her on large scale projects.


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Sue Bell as Software Inventor

Sue is also the inventor of dozen's of Theme Zoom "uber-concepts" and Epimemes including:

Market Domination Web Ring 1,2,3 Concept

Epi-Keywords and Empire Keyword Concepts

The Epi-Keywod and Epi-Keyword and Theme DNA concept us a key factor in Network Empire and Theme Zoom.

As the co-creator and mastermind behind Theme Zoom’s ‘Krakken’ Search Engine Marketing Tool and The Last Keyword Tool, she also played a significant role in the creation of Domain Web Studio (DWS).

Her expertise with system design and databases allowed her to back-engineer popular search engines and discover methods for Search Market Analysis and Competitive Analysis that turn SEO and search engine rankings into a science.

Sue currently enjoys living in the arid Arizona desert and spends her spare time dominating online markets. Sue Bell is available on a limited basis for Theme Zoom online marketing consultation and training.

Sue Bell and the Big B:

The "Big B" Lecture is popular among Network Empire and Theme Zoom Students:

The Life and Times of Sue Bell:

Sue Bell is the co-inventor and architect behind Theme Zoom's revolutionary suite of tools.

Her father was a professor of foreign languages which gave her a diversified foreign language

background before kindergarten. this developed into a love of languages which later gave rise to the

study of linguistics and natural language processing.

Sue Bell started her programming career as a system administrator. Her experience of computers

in a real-world scenario in running a day-to-day business and managing a help desk gave her insight

to how software is not in a universe separate from the environment;. how successful software is

designed to compliment day-to-day life in the environment which it supports.

I learned the relationship between the worker on the floor, the data in the company and the CEO.

And how to translate that relationship into software. Actionable data. Practical application - real world

application - demands real world effectiveness in a software - it has to work and it has to be accurate.

The defense of our country relied on it.

resulted in corporate-level reporting with drill down features for purposes such as troop billeting,

supply readiness and family member evacuation in the event of war. tens of millions of dollars and

teams up to 8 programmers.

During her work as a software developer for the US military, Sue Bell had the opportunity to see how

large corporations need automation that accommodates everyone from the average worker to the


During her career as a programmer and systems analyst for the US Army Europe Headquarters she

was responsible for the design and development of several different military industrial grade software


Her experience with linguistics, natural language processing and expertise with systems design

facilitated the creation of a tool that makes the life of an SEO/SEM easier by automating both the

difficult and mundane aspects of Market Research, Keyword Research, Website Site Structural

Design and Implementation.

Sue Bell has over 25 years computer experience, in a variety of roles ranging from senior

programmer/analyst to systems and database administrator with expertise in UNIX systems. She

worked with Oracle RDBMS and its associated tools for 11 years. She is known for proficiency in

relational database design, development and implementation. She has leadership experience as a

team leader and project manager on various projects.

Sue Bell is a keynote speaker and primary certification instructor for advanced Theme Zoom Students.

Her motto for the advanced Theme Zoom course is “Give me four days, and I'll give you an Internet

with zero competition for your business”.

For more information about Krakken or to sign up with The Last Keyword Tool Free Trial visit

Theme Zoom.

natural language processing, semantic analysis, LSA, Theme Relevance Index, Total Search Market


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