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The PainFinder Traffic Software was conceived and invented by Russell Wright and Sue Bell of Network Empire and Theme Zoom. The first conceptual prototype and design of Painfinder was created by Matt Da Cruz of Network Empire as a downloadable desktop application and later programmed as a SAAS (Software as a Service) by the programming team. The web-based version of Painfinder is far more robust than the desktop version and is superior in both feature and function. 


The Legacy Concept and "Big Idea":

The legacy "big idea" behind the original painfinder application was the idea of "inception". Please see the original legacy video called Quora Inception, which still contains valid and useful marketing concepts for Question-Based Marketing.  

 Tutorials by Sue Bell

Tutorials by Russell Wright 

Painfinder Version 2: Video Tutorial

Please Explain the "Question Status Update" Feature:

Painfinder Version 1: Basic Introduction Video Tutorial (by Russell Wright) 

Common FAQs About the Painfinder Application:

Where Can I Buy the Painfinder Application?

You can buy the software at

Can You Give Me A Practical Demonstration of One of the Ways You Use Painfinder Every Day?

Answer: Yes, here is a vide that demonstrates one of many ways the Painfinder Application could be used. 

Is Painfinder a Stand Alone Product, or Part of a Larger System?

Answer: Painfinder works great as a stand alone product that gets you extra traffic from Quora and to your blog. It was built as the first level of research for the Network Empire Traffic Generation System called PLMM or The Perpetual Lead Magnet Machine. Please see the video below for more information on this:

How Does Painfinder Relate to the FAQ to SAQ Matrix for Certified Network Empire Advisors?

If you want to learn advanced methods of Painfinder Traffic Generation, please attend a Live Theme Zoom Certification Even and/or the "Swallow Your Market Whole" Tech Foundation Training Course 1 thru 5.

Using The Last Keyword Tool as a Pre-Painfinder Research Tool (Separate Product):

See the complete TLKT (The Last Keyword Tool) Help File.

How do I Buy The Painfinder Application?

Please visit Painfinder Traffic to purchase access. If you are a Network Empire Pro Bundle member, you should already have access.

Quora Inception: The Original Concept Behind the Current Painfinder Traffic Application:

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