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Sue Bell is the founder and CEO of Theme Zoom LLC and Semantic Revolution – both Natural Language Processing Companies. As the co-creator and mastermind behind Theme Zoom’s ‘Krakken’ Vertical Market Search Engine Research Tool and The Last Keyword Tool, Sue also played a significant role in the creation of DWS NE Silo Builder Software.


Kevin Polley is the Founder and Director of Mutual Advantage LTD, established in 2005. He has been dominating markets on the web since 1996. Financial institutions and small business, alike, have turned to him to get the most from ecommerce technologies. His passion and expertise lie in the field of Semantic Markup and SEO standards. He loves research and as a Theme Zoom Certified Advisor, has been a part of the Theme Zoom and Network Empire team for over 5 years.

Kevin is also the creator of the Semantic PinBoard Child Theme for WordPress.


Russell Wright is an entrepreneur, futurist, inventor, postmodern technology shaman, neurotheologist and founder of Epimemetic philosophy. He co-invented the Theme Zoom Natural Language Processing Application with Sue Bell and founded Network Empire with Sue Bell and Matt Da Cruz.

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