Toroidal Donut, Torus Donut (Toroidal Magnetic Field)

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Preparatory Reading: Epimemetics and The Fourth Cultural Replicator (aka The Pattern)

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Theme Zoom co-inventor Russell Wright spent ten years studying with an protege of Buckminster Fuller. It was during this time that both the symbolic, physical and mathematical significance of the "toroidal donut" became evident. The "cliff note conclusion" of this decade of research is the implication that the mathematics of recursion is also the mathematics of both hydrodynamic implosion and the toroidal field and/or the toroidal magnetic field effect. The deeper implication behind this already-deep epimeme is that consciousness and/or self-awareness itself manifests within biological evolution as recursive embeddedness as described by world-reknowed neuroscientist VS Ramachandrin (University of San Diego). VS Ramachandrin's discovery about the nature of "recursive self-awareness" is a breakthrough so huge that it should have started an overnight cultural revolution within the neurocognitive sciences.

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