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VKrakken Purchase and Installation Questions:

Where Can I Buy The Video Krakken Plugin?

The Video Krakken Plugin is Now Available to the General Public As A Stand Alone Product (Without the Full Training Course):

You may get this plugin at

You may also get this plugin in the following two ways:

1. Attend the Automatic Video Traffic One Day Webinar Course (Cost is $3,000)

2. Attend the Theme Zoom Certification Event

What Is The Difference Between the Standard VSilo Plugin and the Video Krakken Automatic Video Plugin?

The main difference betwen the standard Vsilo Plugin and the Video Krakken Automatic Video Plugin is that the standard (Free SEO WordPress Silo ) plugin publishes the correct SEO Website Silo Structure to your site and the paid version (Called VSilo for Video Silo WordPress Plugin) simply adds videos to those pages automatically that can be later replaced by your own (after fast indexing and ranking) if they are on you money site (recommended). The Video Krakken Auto-Video Plugin is far more dangerous and powerful than the standard SEO Silo Plugins. It pulls in videos for certain categories directly from the Youtube API based on your chosen schedule - forever. As of April, 2014, the Video Krakken does not yet silo 100% correctly, but creates a Half Silo that is still very effective. In summary, it is a video autoblog plugin that is extra-safe, because Google love's it's own Youtube videos because of engagement rank: If you are a part of Project X (Network Empire Channel Partners) PLEASE proceed with caution and follow Greg Morrison's method to the letter. We are still very cautious about releasing Video Krakken to the general public. We do recommend that you take the full advanced training located at to get the most use from this plugin using the PinVid method.

Related Zendesk Help File Articles:

VKrakken Plugin versus Video Silo Plugin

Can I Use Video Krakken and VSilo or Free Silo Plugin At The Same Time on my Blog?

The Video Krakken Plugin is currently being rewritten to include all of the features of the Vsilo and Free Silo Plugin, created by the Network Empire team.

Currently, it is not a good idea to use the Vsilo and the Video Krakken on the same blog as tthe Video Krakken plugin will add video posts to the categories created by the Vsilo plugin, but will not add the posts in the content of the page correctly and will not, therefore, create an accurate silo structure. It is recommended that you wait for Video Krakken Pro to be released sometime in late 2014.

How Do I Install The Video Krakken Plugin?

Krakken Basic Training Videos:

Video 1: How To Install the Video Krakken Plugin

Video 2: Basic Video Krakken Settings Overview

Video 3: Adding Banners and Other Stuff to AutoPost

Video 4: (Optional) Installing Shortcode UI

  • Note: The video above was created for our outsource team who installs shortcode UI before the Video Krakken Plugin is Install

Video 4: (Optional) Adding Controlled Banners Using Shortcode UI

Commonly Asked Technical Questions:

Where Does The VKrakken Plugin Get The Videos It Publishes By The Thousands?

All of the videos are drawn from Youtubes Video API version 3.0. It is interesting to note that Youtube (owned by Google) puts a 5,000,000 video per day limit on this API.

You heard that right. Only when you publish 5 Million Youtube videos every day would you begin to annoy them.

This says something about Engagement Rank and how Google views the importance of video engagement, aye?

What Is Engagement Rank and How Can I Learn About It?

You can learn about Engagement Rank Here.

Is it Possible to Run Both the VKrakken Plugin and the Vsilo Plugin on the Same Blog?

Yes.And they work together like magic. Probably the most powerful dynamic duo plugins ever created in terms of traffic generation.

How Do I Get VKrakken to Auto-Create a Page In Themify.Me Pinboard Theme?

We create a temporary help video on this topic here, until the complete Automatic Video Traffic PinVid Course is Available.

How Do I Resize The Videos in Video Krakken?

In the SETTINGS window, you will need to replace the standard video shortcode with the below code. You should modify the height and width parameters in all functions below if you need them to be a different size. The default size below (575 X 295) is the default constrained proportions to be used for the PinVid Automatic Video Course Instructions, but you may change the size of the videos to any size that you wish.

<center><object width="575" height="295"><param name="movie" value="//{videoId}?hl=en_US&amp;version=3&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="//{videoId}?hl=en_US&amp;version=3&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="575" height="295" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object></center>

What Is The Special Video Resizing Code Used In Conjuction With Related Video Krakken Plugins Like YT Blocker?

If you have taken the Coaching and Video Course, you will probably want to use the optional resizing code for your youtube videos. Important: This resizing code works even if you are not using the YT Blocker plugin. You will place this code in the Video Krakken "SETTINGS" window in order to modify the size of your video.

It is here:

<center><object width="575" height="295"><param name="movie" value="//{videoId}?hl=en_US&amp;version=3&amp;rel=0"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="//{videoId}?hl=en_US&amp;version=3&amp;rel=0" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="575" height="295" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true"></embed></object></center>

Video Krakken Not Working on Your Blog, Dedicated Server, or Hosting Web Space? 

Video Krakken is Not Working On My Shared Hosting Account. What Should I Do?

A lot of students and customers are attempting to use the Video Krakken WordPress Plugin within hosting environments that are substandard. The Network Empire team does not provide formal support for for Video Krakken plugin issues and problems that are caused by a poorly configured servers. This type of thing is the territory of your hosting company, and what should be your hosting companies 'fanatical support' team.

Shared Hosting Problems and Issues

What exactly is shared hosting and how can I troubleshoot Video Krakken not working?

Shared hosting is when you purchase a web space on a server (which is simply a computer) that is used to host your WordPress website. Usually these hosting spaces and or site host packages are very cheap - sometimes as low as $3.00 and sometimes as high as $19.00. What most beginners do not understand is that your monthly website fee is placing your website on the same machine as (potentially) thousands of other websites. Because of this, many hosting companies will throttle (reduce) the bandwidth and/or disable certain key functions to prevent runaway scripts and other kinds of PHP functions from affecting their other customers who are 'housed' on the same machine.

For instance, in my early online career, a single 'runaway malware script' from an adult website brought a server to its knees and destroyed hundreds of other local business websites and the sites of work at home moms. This hosting company was a second tier quality and somehow failed to back this server up. This meant that any of those poor folks who had not previously backed up their website, lost it completely, and had to build it from scratch. Can you imagine? So, naturally, over the years, hosting standards have included more and more ways of pretecting their other website clients (all of them paying 'renty' monthly) from folks using powerful and/or memory intense scripts. Most of you reading this already know about "shared" hosting. But I include this to make sure that you understand the potential problems caused when you are sharing a machine with a bunch of other people, and why you may want to consider getting your own server when you are building video websites that have potentially tens of thousands of pages. Yeah, Video Krakken can create those for you in a matter of 30 to 90 days. This is why you need to know what you are doing

If you are serious, the best way to deal with such matter is to get a Dedicated Server. Network Empire runs the larger PinVid websites on dedicated servers with daily backups and all sorts of gizmos and weaponry, with a dedicated IT person managing any problems that might come up.  Below, I give you an important "basic level" checklist of how to properly configure a Plesk Apache dedicated server. You should give that to your IT person and have him take the suggestions into consideration in your case. Again, please know that everyone's situation is very different, so do not automatically assume that our server configurations are the same. In fact, do not even assume we are in the same type of environment at all. Check with your IT person, or if you are interested in learning this skill for yourself, take your time. Again, we do NOT provide support for hosting and/or dedicated server IT FAQ's and configurations.

All of this being said, we have NEVER had any trouble running a PinVid and/or using Video Krakken on shared hosting account. But you must keep the daily video posts low. If your hosting company discovers that you are posting 1000 video posts to WordPress every day, and you have a 100,000 page website on your little 3 dollar per month hosting space, your hosting company may

1) Ask you to upgrade immediately to an account size that has more memory and web space.

2) Shut you down without a phone call or email, and assume you already know that you need to upgrade.

Every hosting company is different. Some are nice. Some are mean. Some don't even NOTICE that you have a giant website until other hosting tennents on the same machine start complaining. ; - )

I can hear the hosting helpdesk conversation from a small website client sharing your Video Krakken Blog server after one year of automation: 

Small Site Hosting Client Sharing Your PinVid Server:

"Why is my site so slow?"

IT Guy from Hosting Company Muttering To Himself:

"Oh. Holy crap. Somebody is using Video Krakken and has more traffic than all of the websites on this entire server combined. And, Holy Moley! It has twice as many pages as all of the other websites on this server combined! Geeeze. This PinVid site guy needs to upgrade to a managed server . . . no DEDICATED server. I am sending him a warning email. ; - ) 

I Have Shared Hosting. How Can I Troubleshoot A Problem with Video Krakken?

Use The Video Krakken Shared Hosting Toubleshooting List:

The Video Krakken Shared Hosting Toubleshooting List:

  • Turn off all of your currently installed WordPress plugins. Does Video Krakken post videos now?
  • If not, uninstall Video Krakken completely (leaving the other plugins turned off). Re-install Video Krakken right away. Does Video Krakken post videos now?
  • Do you have any weird caching technology that could be giving you the appearance that nothing is getting posted to the home page of your site? Things like W3 Cache on the more complicated settings will really send you for a mind loop if you do not know what you are doing. Hosting companies like, at the time of this writing, have a really inconvenient cache issue in order to provide you with cloaked sites. You have to go into the cloakhosting panel and refresh the cache by hand! Ouch! Then you will see that Video Krakken was working just fine, the hosting company simply had a unique function set up for their own reasons. An easy way to check this without giving yourself brain damage is to go directly to your "Posts" inside your WordPress admin area. Any new posts that have been created by Video Krakken will be seen under recent posts. If you do not see Video Krakken posts there, then something else is going on.
  • Check your memory. This is where things get a little more technical. You may need to increase the memory in both your webspace and espeically in your blog folders. I am not going to explain how to do this here in detail because you should consult your hosting company in order to follow their specific instructions.
  • Security Plugin Still Active? Hey! Yes, turn ALL of your plugins off. If you have left a security plugin ON, because you are afraid to turn it off, then it could be the problem. Some security plugins lock your site down so hard that other plugins are turned off or locked down. No, this does NOT mean that the plugins (like Video Krakken) are a security breach, just because some security plugin wont let them run. This is one of the reasons that you should select your Security Plugin carefully. Known (occasional) conflicts with WordPress security plugins include: Secure Scan Pro, Better Wordpress Security, Ithemes Security Dashboard. Brute Force should be fine. Also consider using hardening WordPress protocols, if you want sqeaky clean security that does not slow down your blog.
  • Make sure your hosting company does not suck. They should have the recent version of PHP and cURL and everything else that is standard. Rule of Thumb: Although Video Krakken does not require cURL, hosting companies that support it tend to also provide the other standards required to "not suck". There may be exceptions to this rule, so don't come to me with the exception when you find it! Cause I am sure you will! ; - )
  • Recommended: Turn off automatic WordPress updates. We have heard it on the grapevine that this may effect Video Krakken's ability to post with some hosting companies. *This is still untested by our team, we will let you know if it is confirmed! 
  • Look at the recommended Plesk Server Set Up List Below. Even though you do not (yet) have a dedicated server, you may be able to understand the implications on behalf of your hosting company, and pass it on to them. Remember, when you get a dedicated server, the things that your hosting company IT help-line guy does, will become your job. So, look for the things that maybe your hosting company does not have installed or updated. Most of the time they will let you know if there is a problem. For instance, some hosting companies will allow you to choose from a couple versions of PHP. At times, when talking nice to my hosting company, they may discover an error and/or a missing component from the server itself that is causing you the problem. This recently happened - setting up multiple Video Krakken sites, we discovered that the 400 dollar per month Video Krakken Site server had a broken hard drive, had been partitioned wrong, and to make matters worse, had a broken cable in the back of the machine! Remember folks, hosting companies are just people with a lot of machines. Things go wrong! Often. Talk to them like people, and you will get far. Understand that in a shared hosting situation, you will often get better quality machines and attention, because more people are on them, but you will not get huge bandwidth, mutliple IP addresses and and lots of memory and MSQL database capacity.

I Have A Managed Hosting Server. How Can I Troubleshoot A Problem With Video Krakken?

Managed hosting simply means that you have to call your hosting company and talk to an IT guy or girl when you want something serious done on the machine.

Usually, managed hosting also means that you will NOT be able to "reboot" your server whenever you darn well please. By reboot, I mean, you will not be able to turn the machine on and off without calling someone. Some managed server packages have started to include this option when the help desk or call center is closed, but usually you will have to upgrade to a dedicated hosting package in order to get the "kill switch". ; - ) People ask me all the time about the pros and cons of "managed" versus dedicated. So let me give you a few rules of thumb, pros and cons, as well as my experience with very large Video Krakken Wordpress Blogs.

Managed Server Pros:

  • You will not have to do any hard thinking about PHP, MSQL, Apache, and other standard services and "nerdy" requirements. They are 'supposed' to take care of all that for you while you sleep.
  • If you are a beginner, and your hosting company has tech support, you can get advice from someone more experienced than you.
  • You will not be sharing your machine, memory and bandwidth with other customers, you will have your own machine, dedicated to only your Video Krakken sites. Yay!
  • You should be able to fit up to 30 to 50 Video Krakken sites, all of them publishing daily, if you are not posting hundreds of videos per day. This assumes that you post 3 to 6 per day, per site. Think about that. 6 video posts per day times 30 sites times 365 (one year) is only 65,700 video posts. I am keeping these numbers low on purpose. You will see why in the Managed Server Cons section below.
  • They still provide server-wide security and attempt to protect you from hackers and well known global server attacks. On a dedicated server, you are responsible for server wide security protocols.

Managed Server Cons:

  • You will not have to do any hard thinking about PHP, MSQL, Apache, and other standard services and "nerdy" requirements. They are 'supposed' to take care of all that for you while you sleep. But you will never know exactly what they have and have not properly installed unless you check it yourself, or hire someone to check it for you. Welcome to the wonderful world of scaleable IT.
  • You can actually post over 1 million video posts accross all of your sites on one server pretty easily. Especially when you get excited. (For instance 50 sites times 100 posts per day times 365 days in a year = 1,825,000 video posts and video thumb images.  Here is why I recommend that you crunch your numbers BEFORE you decide to use "managed" hosting. On some hosting companies, if you go over 1 million image files, they will automatically "throttle" or block the images from publishing. When Video Krakken publishes a a Youtube Video from the Youtube API, the pinvid set up is to pull the video thumb and store it on your server. Video Krakken does not do this, but your if you use the Video Thumbnail plugin and/or the Themify PinBoard theme, you will want a nice looking site, that pulls the video images and "publishes them downstream". (See our advanced PinVid Automation Course).One hosting company turned off all image publishing and storage after 1.1 million videos. There was no way to upgrade and nothing we could do. The only option was to move all the website onto a Dedicated Hosting Package. I would prefer that you never have to go through that, because it takes a few days, and the sites are never 100% the same again. You can get them close, but it is not ideal. So, cruch your numbers first!
  • Because you do not have other hosting customers sharing your machine (server) your hosting company will probably be less responsive in getting the server back up when something goes wrong. This really sucks when you don't have your own reboot switch, right? Imaging a server farmwide outage. All of your websites are down on your managed hosting machine. You call your hosting company. The lines are busy for hours. Guess which machines they are working on first? Not yours. The shared hosting machines that make up the bulk of the callers, just like you, who are wondering what is going on and why their websites are gone. If all that is required is a reboot, then you can do that on your own, if you have the dedicated server option below. Get the big picture?

I Have A Dedicated Server. How Can I Troubleshoot A Problem With Video Krakken

Please follow most of the same trouble shooting steps dicussed above in the shared hosting section.

If you have a dedicated server, and are having problems with an individual WordPress blog, check other WordPress blogs on that server to make sure they are all having trouble. This will help you determine if it is a server wide issue or a plugin conflict, etc.

Basic Dedicated Server Settings and Suggestions for Video Krakken

Please keep in mind that recommended list below is based on our own minimum Video Krakken server specs, which are pretty robust. For instance, our minimum requirements for 1 Billion plus Video Krakken posts is:

AMD Opteron™ 4274
2 x 8 Cores x 2.5 GHz (3.5 Turbo Core)
3,000 GB (3 x 1,500 SATA)
Hardware RAID 5

You can expect to pay a minimum of $250.00 per month and as much as $700.00 per month as you scale up, depending upon where you lease your server.

Basic Settings to Consider:

  • Increase the PHP.ini files in your blog spaces, server wide: You should increase the memory limit (Increase the RAM) for every blog on your server from the default (which is in the low megabyte range) to UNLIMITED. This solves a LOT of the issues that many people experience. That being said, Video Krakken does not require huge amounts of memory, but the general PinVid and FBVid set up taught in the Automatic Video Traffic Course utilize several types of plugins and unique themes. Some of the heavier plugins are scripts that may pull a lot of images from time to time, such as the Video Thumbs when run in bulk and the Video XML Sitemap by Yoast (which is optional, but pretty dynamic).
  • Increase the max execution time: This can also be changed on the PHP.ini file manually, or on Plesk it can be changed at the Subscriptions level for each Wordpress blog you have installed. This is done by units of seconds. Set it to 1 hour or 3600 seconds. The reason you want to set the script this long is for any plugins recommended that are resource intensive. The larger resource intense plugins are not running all of the time, but when they do run, you do not want them to time out.
  • Possibly Use The Percona MySQL Wizard to assist you in proper server configuration of MySQL: This wizard will ask you things like "what is your workload" and "what will this server's role be"? The wizard will help you optimize based on the requirements of a Video Krakken bulk server. xmen
  • Login to SSH using the root login and password: You will use the comman prompt vi /etc/my.cnf. Ignore the first message and look at the last 2 lines that say query-cache-size+XM and key-buffer-size=X should be changed to query-cache-size+256M and key-buffer-size=512M. This change will keep your machine on standby to help your server run faster. The key buffer greatly unleashes the performance of the database. It allows more RAM to be allocated for the database. Once you change these settings you should see "i" and ..insert.. should pop up at the bottom. When you are done editing, press ESC. Hold the shift key and press Q then press WQ. After this you will need to restart the database server. The comman for this is: service msqld restart.  Note: It is better for you to have your IT guy do all of this if you are a beginner. The point of dedicated hosting is that you will have nobody from the hosting company willing to help you do this. That is why they call it "dedicated" and not "managed" hosting.
  • Monitor Your Database Usage in Plesk "Health Monitoring Tool":  PinVid and Video Krakken sites are very database intensive. For instance, or high spec server MySQL runs at somwhere between 15% abd 23% fairly consistently with about 10 PinVid sites running. This is fine because only 8% of the CPU is in use. All of this should give you some idea of what you need to be watching when you set up a PinVid site, and what your hosting companies are probably paying attention to as well.

I Have A Virtual Private Server (VPS). How Can I Troubleshoot A Problem With Video Krakken

Because of what we mentioned (in the previous section on dedicated hosting solutions) about PinVid and Video Krakken sites being very MySQL database intensive, we would caution you against using a VPS or Virtual Private Servers. If you use these types of hosting situations, we recommend that you turn the frequency of publish down to every 24 hours and only publish 1 or 2 posts per day, depending upon how many Video Krakken sites you have on the same VPS or smaller server. We recommend that you get a server no smaller than the spec listed above in the previous section.

What Hosting Companies May Be Problematic With Video Krakken?

The following companies seem to cause students issues for some types of WordPress Plugins, not limited to, but including Video Krakken:

  • (*We are uncertain of how they are providing unique IP addresses, but the issue may be one of caching)

Does Video Krakken Work with PHP Version 4.0 and PHP Version 5.0?

Question: I use and have more than one server. SEOHost #1 servers are using PHP 5.3 and SEOHost #2 servers are now using PHP 5.4. I have two separate WHM accounts with SEOHost; on one of those accounts vKrakken works fine (let’s call the one SEOHost #1), on the other account it simple won’t work (we’ll call that SEOHost #2). vKrakken works on other non SEOHost hosting accounts. SEOHost are asking if the vKrakken plugin needs a PHP module to be installed on their new servers, and is the plugin compatible with PHP 5.4?

Answer: (From Kevin Polley): I have just run a series of tests on a server using WHM/CPanel with PHP Version 5.4.29 and VKrakken works fine. Using phpinfo I see among other things:

Registered PHP Streams https, ftps, compress.zlib, compress.bzip2, php, file, glob, data, http, ftp, phar, zip
Registered Stream Socket Transports tcp, udp, unix, udg, ssl, sslv3, sslv2, tls
This program makes use of the Zend Scripting Language Engine:
Zend Engine v2.4.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2014 Zend Technologies
with the ionCube PHP Loader v4.6.1, Copyright (c) 2002-2014, by ionCube Ltd

The bottom line is that a good hosting company should be able to solve the problems they are creating somehow on one of their servers. Where we would like to be able to assist you further we do not provide hosting services or support to debug server related issues. That's what you are paying them for - to sort out server problems.

My best guess is to tell SEOHost to check the permissions, routes and firewall settings - then double check them - then get someone who really knows about server admin to triple check everything again.

Video Krakken Kickstart Webinars

Webinar - An Introduction to the PinVid Concept:

  • There is a couple minutes of delay at the beginning of this video*

What Is the Pin Vid Automatic Video Course and Where Can I Buy It?

There Pin Vid Course is an advanced training and webinar boot camp that takes you through the process of automating social media and video addictions sites to create a massive amount of traffic. 

The automatic video traffic training course can be purchased here.

Also See Network Empire.

Video Krakken Change Logs and Upcoming Release Plans

Current Video Krakken Version

  • Video Krakken 1.0.2
  • We expect a new release of Video Krakken in late summer of 2014. It will have an additional cost and be called Video Krakken Pro. This version will not be included for free as a regular update and will require a license key for purchase. The price of Video Krakken Pro is to be announced.

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