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Why RSS? Why Social Explosion? (The "Hand Drawn" Video Series By Russell Wright)

This video series was created by Russell Wright to help students and customers purchasing the One Feed SuperCharger Plugin and the WP Social Explosion Plugin and subscription to understand the basics behind building Power and Trust to a domain using RSS SEO Automation, RSS Semi-Automation and Social Automation.

Common Question About One Feed SuperCharger and RSS: 


I've purchased 2 network empire products this year. First, Social Explosion, which has been awesome for my affiliate marketing blog. 

Second purchase was One Feed Super Charger and I REALLY need some basic answers with this one...

I've watched the videos and I understand among the purposes of One Feed Super Charger are:

- Use RSS feeds from external sources for SEO & traffic purposes.
- Combine RSS feeds with blog RSS feeds for SEO & traffic purposes.

I guess what I'm trying to understand is....

Let's say I combined my YouTube feed with my blog feed. What would that even do for me?

What can I do with this combined RSS feed?

And What can I do with the RSS feeds from external sources?

I understand I can add the URL of any external feed in the plugin settings, but how does this benefit my blog and blog posts?

Maybe I'm missing something about RSS feeds in general. Is this increasing backlinks & signals to my site somehow?

Because that's what I'm already doing with Social explosion.

Thanks for clarification!!

Watch First: Crawling versus Indexing for SEO Power and Trust

Why RSS for SEO? Part 1

Why RSS for SEO? Part 2

Why RSS (and Social Explosion) for SEO? Part 3

Part 4: Conclusion - Power Versus Trust for Dummies in SEO

Part 5: The Politics of Trust (Google Trusted Platforms)

Discussed in the video above:

Multi-Screen Vendors and Google-Approved Website Companies.

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